What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting a Second Dog?

You may have had your dog for a while, or only just a few weeks. But when you start thinking about getting a second dog, you may need to consider more than just the dog you already have. Your family will need to be in a good place for taking on a second or subsequent pet. And your finances are definitely going to feel the pinch for adding another family member to the household. Of course, there are plenty of advantages to having a second dog, though. So what are the pros and cons of getting a second dog?


Having another companion means you’re getting double the love from your pets. There will always be cuddles, and you’ll be able to share your love with another pet. If you have two kids, they can now take on full responsibility for their own pets. This can be a great way to teach valuable life lessons. Best of all, both canines will always have each other for company. If your first dog dislikes being alone when you’re all out, this can be the ideal way to keep them happy.

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Another benefit of having two dogs is that you can choose to double your exercise. Of course, taking them both out together means you don’t have to double your time at all if you’re part of a busy household. The dogs can keep each other entertained, and they can enjoy doggy games together, lessening your workload to keep them active.

Having two dogs also doubles your security at home. You have two sets of doggy ears listening out for trouble. And you’ll have twice the personality to enjoy too! There will be double the cute moments, and perhaps even more when they’re having fun together.


Yes, your food bill is going to double. Of course, if you choose a smaller breed this time, the additional costs will be minimal. You will also have twice the vet fees, and most veterinarians charge per animal rather than per appointment. You will need to increase your insurance payments too, although some insurers give discounts for second pets.

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You will need twice the flea and worm treatments too. It’s important you don’t miss any preventative treatments. This is especially important with two dogs in the house. However, you can make it easier. Choose treatments like Comfortis that are easily chewed. When it comes to bath-times, you will have double the trouble. But at least you can do them both at the same time to save you getting soaked twice!

There is a chance they won’t always get on as friends. Fortunately, there are plenty of canine counselors who can help you build a better relationship between the two. Of course, if they fight, you may need to take some time out to make sure they are separated until they calm down. At the doggy park, they may also get each other over excited, making it more of a challenge to call time to go home. Extra training and a good reward system can help you overcome these problems.

There will always be pros and cons to growing your family. Sometimes you just know that you’re meant to provide a home for another.

Enjoy your new pet.

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