Top 7 Backyard Dangers For Dogs

Top 7 Backyard Dangers For Dogs
(Christ-mas Special Guest Post)

All dog owners want to have a beautiful fence where they will play with their dog.

However, sometimes they don’t understand that if they don’t become careful about certain things, then it can be a dangerous place for their dogs in future.

Here we will discuss about those things that you should look out.

backyard dangers for dogs


Toxic flowers

The most beautiful part of our garden is flowers, but sometimes there are some flowers that can be very harmful to your dog.

There are many flowers that can be harmful to dogs, especially the autumn crocus and the foxglove.

These flowers can be so toxic that your dog may suffer from seizures, diarrhea, and many other health issues.

Compromised Perimeter

You need to make sure that you check the boundary of your yard for any kind of gaps in the fence or weak spots before you allow your dog to become free, because you may get lost your dog.

However, if you see that your dog loves to dig, then you can dig a trench also install wire mesh to prevent any kind of tunneling.

You can also install locks on every gate so that your dog doesn’t do something wrong.

Your fence

Fences are meant to protect your dog, but sometimes these fences can become dangerous for dogs.

Many experts say that some so-called “invisible” fences can become deadly for your dog.

You need to also keep in mind that electric shock fences can also bring danger for your beautiful cute puppy.


We all dog owners love to play a game which is fetching a stick but if your dog somehow swallows some parts of the wood then that’s where the trouble begins.

You should know that splinters may be stuck in your dog’s mouth, & sometimes the larger fragments can cut the stomach which will cause constipation, so you need to be very careful about this issue.

In order to avoid this type of problem in future you should play fetch with a toy bond also you need to keep the yard free from stray logs.

Your Pond & lake

If you have a pond or lake behind your backyard then you probably know that algae live in the lake or pond water could create a serious problem for your dog.

Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae always create toxins which may affect not only your dog, but also you, if you or your dog goes for a swim or drinks the water from there.

You are most likely to notice these algae in fresh water lakes & also ponds.

These algae also grow and create a form known as “blooms” gives the water the blue-green looks.

You need to be aware of this so that both you & your dog don’t face any problem in future.

Cocoa Mulch

We all dog owners sometimes share our chocolates with our dog but some types of cocoa mulch have some ingredients: theobromine and caffeine which are very dangerous for dogs.

Over a couple of years, it is reported that a few dogs died from eating cocoa mulch, however ingesting it can cause vomiting and increase the heart rate and also seizures.

Only a few manufacturers create cocoa mulch without theobromine.

So before you allow your dog to eat chocolate, make sure that the chocolates don’t contain these type of ingredients.

Your Pool

If you have a pool then your dog may face some problems. The small amount of chlorine in the pool is less like to poison your dog.

If your dog drinks chlorinated water then he/she may face some irritation.

The main problem with the pool is that not all dogs are good at swimming, sometimes they will face problems while swimming & then they may drink the chlorine water, so you need to keep that in mind.

Guest Post Author: Emily Anna

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