Top 5 Dog Products to Get This Summer

Top Five Products to Invest In For Your Dog This Summer

The market for dog products has boomed over the past decade.

Gone are the days when your dog’s sole belongings would be a collar, lead, bed, and the occasional bone.

People are spending more and more on their pets and for a good reason!

There are so many brilliant, innovative products to make your dog happier and healthier – the top 5 dog breeds would love to have these amazing products this summer.

As a dog industry insider, here are the top 5 dog breeds owned throughout the world: Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Bulldog, and the Poodle.

Here are our current favorite 5 products you should get for your dog this summer.

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A Harness

Not too long ago, you would rarely see a dog in a harness.

People would attach their lead to their dog’s collar and be done with it. But harnesses are so much safer and more comfortable for your pooch.

They evenly distribute pressure across your dog’s chest when they pull on the lead.

This means less choking and coughing. It is also easy for your dog to slip out of their collar.

This can result in a chase to get them back on their lead.

Your dog should be secure and under control at all times and a harness is the most surefire way to ensure this.

Dog Backpacks

These are relatively new, so you might not have heard of them or seen them in use. But they are a genius concept!

A dog backpack is exactly what you would expect: a backpack for your dog to wear on their walks.

It is essentially a saddlebag for your dog but incorporated into a comfortable harness, which you can attach a lead to.

This a brilliant concept for those invested in long walks, hiking or camping.

You can fit all sorts into the bag: water, waste bags, treats.

The bag design ensures that weight is evenly distributed, which is important for your dog’s comfort and health.

Dog Friendship Bracelets

This an adorable concept.

Remember the matching friendship bracelets that you and your friends would have when you were little?

Well, there’s a more upmarket version available now to display yours and your dog’s friendship.

Your dog will receive a high-quality collar, and you receive a matching bracelet.

There are so many designs available that you are bound to find something that suits you and your four-legged friend.

Top 5 Products to Invest in for Your Dog This Summer

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A Bandana

Okay, this is more for the owner’s benefit than the dog’s.

But bandanas are just so cute.

They give your dog a special charm and can become their signature trademark.

There are so many designs out there.

Find the best to style and size to suit and fit your pup.

Dog Seat-belts

Dogs love a ride in the car.

Think of their joyous faces as they stick their head out of the passenger’s side window.

Tongues out, ears blowing back in the wind.

But your pup’s safety is just as important as your own.

Anxious or excited dogs might try to get on your lap, which is distracting and problematic if you happen to be the driver. They also need to be protected in the unfortunate case of bumps or other accidents.

So invest in a dog seat belt.

These can be attached to your dog’s harness and will keep them in place and safe for the duration of the journey.





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