Three’s Company: Introducing A Third Dog Into The Home

Introducing a Third Dog Into Your Homeimage source

There are many people that worry about introducing a dog to a family that already has one, but what about introducing a third dog to a two-dog family household?

If you think that telling two dogs off for their bad behavior is a challenge, adding a third dog into the mix will ramp up the fights no end.

But there are things you can do to make the transition smooth.

The first question to ask is, are you adding a dog or a puppy?

Because there is a big difference in the two.

Now, you know what to expect based on the addition of a second dog into the home, competition, and fights being two likely culprits, but a third dog changes the dynamics of the family, from yourselves’ and the dogs’ points of view.

Clean It Up

Expect to clean up a lot more.

One more dog means another pile of mess, more laundry, more cleaning.

The difference between your two existing dogs and the new addition is that while your two have already had the benefit of being taught obedience, your new dog will be like starting it all over again.

And having the new dog run riot in your home is going to send a different message to your two obedient members of the family, and because you are putting your focus on the new dog, this can cause jealousy.

So if you are to get a new dog, it might be an idea to get one that is a bit older than a puppy so the transitions can be managed a lot easier.

Hungry Puppy

Expect to feed a lot more.

A puppy can sometimes eat a lot more than the other two dogs, and this can eat into your wallet a bit more than normal!

You may wish to get pet insurance because there may be times when the dogs want to play, but if you have a smaller dog playing with a couple of 70 pound dogs, it could result in some accidents happening in your home.

Leaving them to play in the garden is better in having them indoors, but make sure that you supervise their playing because, as you know by now, any spot is a potential area for disaster, like the lawn.

If you read how to stop pets from damaging lawns, it can give you some tips on preventing your garden from falling foul of problems like dog mess.


Expect competition to be rife between the three of them.

The dynamic has been upset a lot, so the best way to minimize competition is to do your best to treat them equally.

The older dogs can demand a lot of attention due to size and needs.

Likewise, the new addition needs care and attention and house training.

By doing your best to give each dog the same amount of time will not upset the balance too much.

The best approach is to set the same rules for everyone.

If one was always jumping into your lap while the other didn’t, then it’s time to set a ban on it.

It is a complex negotiation, but having a third dog adds more richness to your home.


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