The Royal Treatment: How to Pamper Your Dog

Dogs are pretty awesome. (That we hold that viewpoint on this blog should probably not surprise you.)

They deserve a little pampering every so often – or, you know, on an almost daily basis.

So it seems about right that we go out of our way to make our dogs feel like royalty sometimes.

And I’m not talking about getting them spa treatments or building them a mansion – although some people have been known to do that!

We’re not going to talk about getting your dog a crown and elegant clothing – though, if you want to do that, then go right ahead.

What we’re going to focus on here is actual treatment and lifestyle as opposed to dress-up.

This sort of pampering is going to be practical and beneficial for your furry friend.

We’ve spoken before about nice grooming sessions; let’s look at some other ideas!

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A luxurious bed

A lot of people seem to assume that dogs are happy to sleep on just about anything.

And, yes, it’s true that a dog that’s sleepy enough will probably sleep on the floor without complaints.

But after several years of sleeping on a hard surface, your dog will start to experience some problems with movement.

Some owners counter this by letting their dog sleep on the sofa or the bed.

But you should consider seeking out a high-quality dog bed.

It will be better for everyone in the long run!

Don’t see a high-quality dog bed as some sort of extravagance.

The better the bed, the more comfortable it is, meaning your dog is better protected from limb problems.

It also helps protect the floorboards or the carpet from damage. During cold or warm months, the floor can be pretty uncomfortable for your friend.


Getting or giving your dog a massage might sound like taking things too far on the pampering front.

It seems like something only very rich people would bother with; something that doesn’t really have any benefit, but makes a lot of money because it sounds cute and funny and some people are just too rich.

In fact, massages can have health benefits for your dog.

Some tricksters may try to convince you that frequent massages will make your dog move faster or even live longer, but there’s no evidence to support such claims!

However, the benefits that a human gets from a massage also apply to your dog. It relieves muscles tension, as well as pain and discomfort.

It helps keep limbs limber and healthy – which is why it’s being introduced to veterinary clinics across the country!

sweet puppy serving tea

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A spot of tea

So let’s get something out of the way right now: caffeine isn’t good for your dog.

Just like chocolate, things like coffee and tea are toxic to your dog due to certain chemicals in those substances not agreeing with your dog’s biology.

You also need to be on the lookout for other substances that include caffeine, including many soft drinks and certain candies.

So you may think that dogs can’t have tea at all.

But is that true? Can dogs have tea?

Well, yes, actually. If you want your dog to join you for tea, then you need to get specific teas for it.

This may sound like pointless pampering, a silly indulgence, but the right brand of doggy teas actually include loads of antioxidants and other healthy ingredients, just as with human tea.

dogs at the white house


Gourmet dining

Dogs will eat pretty much anything, right?

This is something you should keep in mind.

A dog will eat things even they’re not particularly good for the dog, so you need to be very careful with what you put down in front of your furry friend.

Don’t take advantage of that bottomless and indiscriminate appetite by not treating your dog to a really nice meal every so often.

If you do it right, you can get into home cooking for the both of you!

While we’re on the subject of high-tier food, it should be pointed out that the bulk of the dog food available in your local supermarket – the basic stuff that sells the most and that you see advertised on television several times a day – is basically just junk food for your canine pal.

It’s almost the equivalent of giving your dog a McDonald’s every day. Be a bit more discerning when it comes to the doggy dinner!

A pool

Pools are great for allow your pup to get some exercise, as well as cool down on hot days when it can be difficult for them to do it themselves.

If you have your own pool, you should let your dog swim in it. Otherwise, consider getting a baby pool so your dog has its own pool!


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