A Change Of Scenery: Taking Your Dog On Vacation

Taking Your Dog on Vacation Tips

One of the greatest joys in life is going on vacation – and if you’re a dog owner, one of the saddest things in life is leaving your dog for a couple of weeks.

There’s nothing as unpleasant as that sense of betrayal after you’ve dropped them off with a friend or doggy babysitter before getting in the car to leave, the constant thought of But what if he doesn’t know I’m coming back? ringing in your head.

But there is a solution to this problem: why not try taking your dog on holiday? how to travel with your dog in a car? how to travel long distances with your dog?

Here are some tips on how you can do it…

Make Sure Your Vacation Is Dog Appropriate

First and foremost, make sure that your dog will have a great time on this vacation.

If you’re traveling in a car, then make it a point for your dog to be comfortable all the way there – with food, mats, blankets, water, and a leash.

There isn’t any point in taking your pup on a two week beach vacation to a resort that doesn’t allow dogs on the beach and where you’re planning on doing nothing more than lying in the sun all day.

Make sure that you’re going somewhere a little more active – if you’re planning on hiking then your Labrador will love coming with you, but remember that your pug may not.

Different people like different vacations – your dog may not enjoy yours.

Check With The Owners Where You’re Staying

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It’s important to ensure that dogs are allowed where you’re staying.

Talk to the owners first and offer to pay a deposit if necessary.

You could incur a fine if you take a dog in without permission.

Make sure that there’s somewhere for your dog to sleep – take his basket in the back of the car so he doesn’t end up jumping up on the furniture with muddy paws.

Make sure you clear away all signs of the dog before you leave to go home again so you don’t get an extra cleaning fee.

Be Careful With Transportation

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Remember that dogs enjoy long car rides maybe even less than you do, so factor in extra time for breaks so that you can take your pup for a walk, and give it some water and food.

Take dry treats for it to enjoy in the car and put down a towel on the back seat so it can spread out and take a nap.

Take your dog on a couple of shorter trips before you go away to make sure he doesn’t get car sick.

If that’s the case and you need to take him on your trip, talk to your vet for solutions.

Make sure you have these travel accessories to make the trip more enjoyable.

Take The Opportunity To Bond

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Use your vacation to spend some decent time with your dog and to bond.

Go on long hikes and spend some time together in the evening that you might not get to do at home.

Take him to the beach so he can experience the water – but make sure that it’s a dog friendly beach so you don’t get thrown off!

A lot of the time we use our vacations to bond with our families – make sure you include your dog in that.




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