4 Reasons for Rebellious Dog Behavior

Real Reasons for Rebellious Dog Behavior

Is your dog acting out when left alone?

Why is my dog acting out all of a sudden?

Why is my dog misbehaving when left alone?

Do you have a naughty dog who acts out any time during the day?

You may have asked yourself at least one of these questions above recently.

If so then we have a solution in this top 4 list of why we have rebellious dog behavior in our homes.

It’s the common complaint of many a dog owner, but chances are, your behavior may be the problem.

Before you click away from the page in disbelief – after all, it wasn’t you who shred your shoe to pieces – consider the following reasons why you may be to blame, and if so, make sure you take the appropriate action to rectify the situation.

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  1. You aren’t giving your dog enough exercise

Your dog is a furry bundle of energy, so you need to focus their physical needs in the right direction.

Fail to give your dog exercise, and they will busy themselves elsewhere, such as digging up your garden, and yes, chewing up your shoes.

You need to make time to exercise your dog on a daily basis, such as taking part in these simple activities.

Spending time walking and playing with your dog will benefit their health and fitness levels (as well as yours) and will tire them out, leaving them less likely to cause havoc around your home.

  1. You’re rewarding bad behavior

We aren’t talking about giving your dog a biscuit every time he barks at the neighborhood cat (unless you really hate cats), but you may be reinforcing bad behavior with the treat your dog loves the most, your attention.

Your dog will do anything to catch your eye, whether that’s through good or bad behavior.

If you shout at your dog when he does something naughty, congratulations, you have given him exactly what he wanted.

Sometimes, it is best to ignore them, provided they aren’t destroying your house.

Treating good behavior with a dog chew will show your dog positive behavior pays off, and they will eventually learn that their bad behavior doesn’t yield the same reward.

  1. You are inconsistent with training

Training a dog isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

It takes time and patience, and spending time in training on a daily basis will eventually produce results.

This goes beyond the usual ‘sit and stay’ commands, as your dog needs to know how to behave in specific situations, both in and out of the home.

Mix up your training methods too, as variety will encourage both you and the dog to keep going.

Still, if you do struggle, trainers such as Bark Busters are expert dog behavioral therapists and they will give you guidance in training your dog to an acceptable standard.

  1. You haven’t done your research

Certain dogs are harder to train than others, so you need to do your research before bringing your new companion home with you.

This article details both the easiest and hardest dogs to train, so have a look at each one, and consider the dog you own.

It may be that you have been training your dog wrong all this time, as varying approaches are sometimes needed for different breeds.

By adapting your training style, you may get better results from your canine friend.


So, do any of the above apply to you?

If so, naughty human!

Still, it is possible to turn things around, and both you and your dog will benefit from your better behavior in the future.

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