Puppy Love – 6 Things All Dog Lovers Should Know

Adopt not Shop

Now the plight of bitches and puppies that are used by puppy farms is well known; all dog lovers should think twice before they buy rather than adopt.

Remember that there are so many unloved and unwanted dogs out there, that you could provide a wonderful home to.

Is it right to be encouraging people to be making money out of breeding more?

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Micro Chips

Next, if you find a dog that seems like a stray is always worth taking it to the vet, as most are fitted with one of the pet microchips. These are tiny electronic devices which store the dog’s owner name and contact information.

This mean that with a quick, painless scan the vet can establish where the dog has gone missing from and unite them with the iron works in no time!

No Human Food

Another important fact for dog lovers is that human food is often a bad idea. While they may whine and beg to be given a treat or scraps from the table, there are in fact over 170 human foods that are toxic to our canine friends.

In fact, it best if you have your own pup to train them not to expect scraps from family members. You can ask them to stay in another room, and then reward them with a treat if they don’t come bugging for scraps.

Train Your Dog

6 things all dog lovers should knowimage source

Another vital thing that all dog lover should know is that a dog is primarily a pack animal. This means you will need to train it. This process establishes you are the ‘alpha’ or leader of the pack. Then your dog will respond to you in that way, and follow your lead.

Start off with the basics like ‘sit’ and ‘heel’ and work up to the more comp;icated instructions like ‘fetch’.

Pick Up The Poop

Its seems like some dog owners forget this sometimes, but is essential to pick up any mess that your dog makes when on a walk. Not only is illegal in some areas now to leave dog waste on public pavements but it incredible antisocial too.

Remember that dog excrement, contains lots of bacteria. These can pose a risk to those that immunosuppressed, like young children and old people. That is why they needed clearing up as they happened So don’t forget to take a bag and a scoop with you on your next outing.

Some Breeds Are Banned

Remember too that it is illegal to keep some dog breeds as domestic pets now, depending on where you live.

In the US Argentinean and Brazilian Mastiffs are on the restricted list. Along with Pit Bull Terriers and Presa Canario.

Breed like these are restricted mainly because of their tendency to have a violent nature.

Although, this is hotly contested by some owners who say it’s the way a dog in socialized that has the biggest effect on its temperament.

Just remember to check the list, before you take the plunge into dog ownership.



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