My Dog Just Had Puppies – What Do I Do Now?


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Maybe you were expecting it. Maybe you weren’t. Either way, your dog looks like she’s about to give birth!

It’s an exciting and scary time. What needs to happen after the birth?

Make sure mama dog is okay

Mama dog has just been through quite an ordeal! Once she’s birthed all the puppies she has, she’ll appear calmer.

She’ll probably just want to lie around for a bit. Keep the environment calm and quiet. Clean her up if need be.

Make sure she has plenty of food and water nearby. She’ll have to recharge herself with loads of nutrients soon!

You’ll probably have to help her if she needs to move about for any reason.

Make sure the puppies are okay

Be sure to check the puppies every few hours. It’s likely that they’ll just stay with their mother.

They all need to be together in order to share body heat. They should be contained in a whelping box.

Hopefully, you knew your dog was pregnant before she gave birth, as they all should have had a whelping box already.

If not, go and get one! Both mama dog and the puppies should be seen to by a vet within 48 hours of the birth.

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Assess your ability to look after puppies

So you now have a bunch of puppies under your roof. Yay, right? Well, not always.

Looking after one or two dogs in the first place could be quite a handful. But raising several puppies along with them can be very testing indeed.

You need to be very careful about your decision, here.

If you don’t have the time, money, or space to look after them properly, then it’s best to give them away.

Not a pleasant thought at all, I’m sure.

But you have to think about what is ultimately best for the puppies. You’ll probably need to take care of them for at least eight weeks before you start making arrangements.

When faced with puppies, you really have four options.

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Giving them to family members

If you’re unable to keep the puppies, then this is probably the nicest way to deal with it. Do you have any family members who are ready to own a dog? Give them a call and see if they’re interested.

Putting the puppies up for adoption

Giving puppies to an adoption shelter often seems like the easiest, most sensible thing to do. Finding a local one shouldn’t be hard. You need to be careful, though. Some shelters may only keep dogs for a very limited time before putting them down due to a lack of interest.

Look into selling the puppies

That last sentence was pretty grim, eh? Not what you want to read in an article about puppies. It’s why a lot of people decide to sell puppies instead, ensuring they go directly to a new owner. The Puppy System will teach you how to sell your puppies online, if you want to do it that way!

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Keeping the puppies

So you’ve got the means to keep them on? Awesome! This option may not be the easiest on the wallet, but it’s definitely the easiest on the heartstrings. Good luck looking after your new canine family!



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