How To Welcome Your New Family Member Home (3 Important Tips)

Bringing Your Puppy To It’s New Home The Right Way (3 Important Tips)

Bringing a new puppy into your family is a lot like welcoming a new baby – except, of course, with a dog you don’t have to dread the terrible teenage years!

Even during your dog’s adolescence there won’t be any drunken parties without your knowledge or slammed bedroom doors.

You might need to keep that at the back of your mind as you cope with your puppy’s first few days at your house – they aren’t always the easiest time.

Here are some tips on how to handle them.

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Introduce Your Dog To The House

Take your puppy through the house slowly and introduce her to each room so she becomes familiar with her new surroundings.

Make sure you start off with the place where her food and water will be kept, and slowly take her from room to room so she can see where she’s going to be living from now on.

Put a blanket that smells like her mother in her new bed, and make sure that you take her outside frequently to start potty training her.

Every time she does her business outside, make sure you give her a treat so she knows she’s doing a great job and is encouraged to go outside in the future.

In the meantime, put down puppy pads over night.

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Make Sure You’ve Puppy-Proofed Your Home

We all know that puppies can ruin our homes!

They add warmth, laughter and joy to our households – but they can also wreck prized possessions.

Make sure that your shoes are all out of the way and that you install a stair gate if you don’t want your puppy going upstairs to investigate.

Move any furniture that you would be desperately upset if it gets gnawed, and make sure that you purchase plenty of suitable puppy proof toys for your pet.

If you’ve decided to do crate training, check out a site like to find the best crate for you – and remember that your sleep will probably be disturbed to begin with if your puppy cries at night.

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Get A Rota Sorted Out With Your Family

If you’ve been persuaded by your kids to go out and get a puppy, then chances are your kids have been insisting that they’ll do all the work like feeding and walking the dog so you won’t have anything to do at all.

You probably have a sneaking suspicion already that that doesn’t sound very likely at all!

You need to ensure, however, that every family member pulls his or her weight.

Make a rota so that everyone has a task on certain days, whether that’s making sure to take your pup outside to do its business, taking your pup on a walk around the block, making sure your pup has food, and hanging out with it at home so it isn’t alone.

Make sure you communicate with each other.

If someone’s going to be out, make sure their job is covered.

You shouldn’t be leaving your pup at home alone for long stretches of time, so make sure that everyone knows the other person’s schedule.


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