How to Manage 3 Dogs in One House in 5 Easy Ways

Dog Lovers’ Guide: How to Manage 3 Dogs in One House in 5 Easy Ways

As any dog lover will know, bringing one pet into a family environment will shake up the whole dynamic of the household, and if you have two it will cause a few more issues.

But if you bring a third dog into that house you may have a soap opera on your hands!

You may think that there is no difference between having two dogs and having three, but I’m afraid you are mistaken.

So, here is a little guide to make three not be a crowd for your cuddly canines.

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The first thing to address is whether you are bringing a dog or a puppy into the house?

The dynamics will be greatly affected, and you know fully well what will happen.

Competition is the big thing now because you’ve got more than one dog vying for attention.

To an extent, if you’ve spent time training your first two dogs on being obedient and your third one runs riot, it sends the wrong message to the others.

And they may think that it’s okay to do the same, so make sure that you keep some safety measures up for the sake of your home.

So if you’re thinking about getting a third dog, an older one rather than a puppy is a good idea, purely because the transitions can be managed that bit easier.

If you’re going for a puppy, they will most likely feed a lot more than your other two, which will have an impact on your finances for the time that the puppy is growing, but having the three feed together can spell a bit of disaster.

And while you need the three to socialize, if you’ve got a small dog playing with two dogs that weigh 70 pounds, there will likely be some accidents.

Needless to say, your pet’s health is very important, and you need a comprehensive vet to take care of all the needs of the dog.

There are sites like where you can book a simple consultation to get some peace of mind.

Although you may have been there before and you think you’ve been through every issue with your pets, there will always be something new to surprise you.

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The big trick to keeping a stable home with the addition of a third dog is to treat them all equally.

This is very difficult and can be testing because you will have to split your time equally between the three, and every dog’s need is different.

If you had one dog jump into your lap while the other never bothered, it’s now time to treat all the dogs the same, and completely ban this. It can cause upsets but you need to establish some ground rules for the new pet, and they are coming into this environment with some trepidation.

Everything will be new and completely overwhelming, so to integrate them into the dynamics of the household, treating them all fair and square is the best way.

This can be an issue in the beginning, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.


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