How to Make Your Life Easier as a Pet Owner – Top 5 Pet Owner Life Hacks

Top 5 Ways a Pet Owner’s Lifestyle Can Be More Care-Free

Owning a pet can be difficult, so here are the top 5 pet owner life hacks to make your life as a pet owner a little easier. It was important for us to show you that you can actually have a “life” if you own a pet, so that you’re able make both you and your pet more comfortable.

Use Baking Soda to Kill Odors

If you’re one of those pet owners that has never gotten used to the smell that comes with having a pet in the house, then you might want to use baking soda. This is perfect for all sorts of tasks.

It can be rubbed into furniture or carpets to get rid of the smell. It can also be applied to a brush and then used on the coat of your pet. It will instantly freshen them up and get rid of any odors that are lingering on them. It works as a kind of dry shampoo so that a pet owner has a lifestyle they can be comfortable with.

Get a Custom Bed and Cover

Every dog is different, so with this pet owner life hacks option every dog should have a bed that is suited to them. Luckily, you can now get custom covers from places like This is good because it allows you to clean up their beds much more easily than before.

The material will be tailored to your dog’s coat, making hairs easier to remove and the whole cover easier to wash. It can be a real pain when you have to clean their bed, but it’s much easier if you have a cover that is right for them.

custom pet bed coverimage credit

Use Distractions During Grooming

Many dogs simply don’t like being groomed or having their nails trimmed. So, you should use a distraction to keep their mind on other things while you get the job done. It’s pretty easy to do this, and it really does work.

For example, you can give them a treat they like, such as peanut butter while you do what you need to do. They will barely even notice what you’re doing because they’ll be eating a food they love. This makes the whole job so much easier for you. You can visit a site like for more grooming tips.

Buy an Automated Fetching Machine

Let’s face it; we all get tired of playing with our dogs at some point. Whereas their energy seems to be boundless, us owners need a rest from it all every now and then. That’s why this little gadget is so effective. It’s a very simple idea.

The machine simply launches balls across the room so that your dog can fetch them and bring them back. But that simple idea is all it takes to keep your dog occupied while you are having a rest on the sofa. It can also be good for keeping them busy when you are at work all day.

Invest in a GPS Collar

All dog owners will have faced the problem of an escaped pet at some point or others. Dogs like to try things out, such as jumping the fence to see if they can do it. Or they might get a little too excited when you are playing in the park and run out of sight.

Custom Pet GPS Collarimage credit

This happens all the time, but finding the dog is so much easier if it’s wearing a collar with a GPS tracker fitted in it. These are widely available these days, so it’s a good investment to make if you have an erratic dog that is always running away.

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