How to Help Your Puppy Settle Into Their New Home

How to Help Your Puppy Settle Into Their New Home is Critical to Giving Them a Place of Comfort and Discipline

Bringing home your new pup is always a magical experience and a memorable time for the whole family.

However, even though you’ll instantly fall in love with your new furry friend; puppies can often be a challenge, especially in the first few weeks of arriving in a new house.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the new dog in your life feels as happy and secure in their environment as possible, so they’ll be able to settle into family life successfully.

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Introducing Your Puppy To Everyone

Imagine how intimidating a group of giants would seem if you were a small pup, who’d just left the only environment you’d ever known; it’d be pretty scary and a lot to take in.

Depending on your new pup’s personality, you’ll need to figure out what’s best for them in regards to meeting the new family and friends.

If you have a nervous young dog, chucking them into a noisy room full of people won’t be the best idea.

You should introduce family members one at a time, and give them treats to hand to the pup; that way, they’ll have positive associations with people, and their fear will ebb away.

If you’ve got a more boisterous and carefree little friend; make sure they know who’s boss straight away and that you’re all there to look after them.

The sooner they realize that you’re their source of food and treats, the sooner they’ll begin to listen to what you’re saying.

Ensuring the Puppy is Comfortable

You’ll want to make sure that your new puppy feels at home and comfortable as soon as possible.

It’s important that you give their own space, with cozy bedding and a constant supply of water.

You might want to look into dog houses so that your pooch can retreat somewhere that the rest of the family won’t disturb them.

Dogs like covered, dark areas to sleep and hide in; these areas are especially important in the first few tentative weeks of a puppy’s life within your family home.

They’ll need to have somewhere to go when things get a little too loud, or they’re just feeling tired.

Plenty of warm bedding, like blankets, cushions, and comforters are also the best way for your pup to settle down and sleep through the night.

Your new dog is likely to start whining and crying on their first nights at home with you, so leaving a t-shirt or jumper that smells of you, can provide another source of comfort to settle them.

Begin Training ASAP

There’s no time like the present; especially when it comes to training your dog.

For your new family member to integrate successfully, they’ll need to be taught the house rules, and you can start using treat-training and positive reinforcement as soon as they bound through your front door (wagging their tails in excitement).

If you take them outside and they go to the toilet; let them know that you’re over the moon with what they’ve done.

Training can be a lengthy process, but it’s an essential part of a dog’s development, and they’ll begin to understand how you want them to behave inside and outside the family home.

To learn more about why dog training is a vital process take a look here.

The sooner you start your training, the quicker your puppy will learn what to do, which will help them settle into family life.

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