How To Turn Your Crazy Canine Into A Perfect Puppy Fast

How To Turn Your Crazy Canine Into A Perfect Puppy

When you get a dog, a lot of people immediately expect their new pup to be perfectly behaved – to have no accidents in the house, to be quiet when they’re told to be, to sit whenever they’re supposed to.

But the truth is extremely different from your expectations – here are a few tips that might just help you change not only your dog but your perspective…

Try Out Obedience Classes

Remember that not every dog from a rescue centre has been treated with love and care in its life, and nor will it have been trained well – that means that you need to work with your pup not only to make him or her feel secure with you, but with other people and other animals.

A great way to do that is to take your dog to obedience classes.

Not only will they meet other dogs and learn how to get along with them, but you’ll learn how to do your best for them as an owner.

Your dog may have to learn how to behave well – but you also need to learn how to train your pup to as well as he or she deserves.

Get Training At Home

It’s important to remember that obedience classes aren’t the be all and end all.

When you get home, you need to keep that training going, whether you’re teaching your dog tricks or continuing on with the commands that you learned in class.

Look online and find a dog training blog that will help you continue the good work that you’ve done at your classes.

Remember that consistency is absolutely key and that every dog will respond in different ways – some will love to be rewarded with food and treats, while others will appreciate some playtime instead.

It’s important to remain calm with your dog, using a low voice instead of raising it – remember to train your dog with love instead of fear in order to foster a great relationship.

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Spend Time Together

Like any friendship or relationship with a family member, you need to spend plenty of time with your dog to form a closer relationship.

Check out your local dog parks and dog friendly cafes so that you can take your pup out and about with you instead of leaving him or her alone at home – this will also prevent your possessions from getting chewed or scratched up from boredom and separation anxiety!

You could also look into vacationing closer to home and driving so you can take your dog with you.

Change Your Expectations

Finally, it’s important for you as a pet owner to remember that dogs are fiercely intelligent creatures – they have their own personalities and although their hearts are open and full of love for you, they have their own needs, wants and prerogatives.

It’s important to consider your dog’s feelings instead of assuming they’ll just want to do exactly what you want.

They aren’t little puppy machines designed to do exactly what you want them to do – figure out what they love and make sure that they live a happy life.




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