How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for You

How to Choose the Right Dog Breed

They say dogs are man’s best friend, and we’re entirely inclined to agree on why and how to choose the right dog breed – like a dog breed identifier – to understand which dog breed is right for your needs.

Yet not every dog is ideally suited to every person, and sometimes the type of dog you choose to buy can make all the difference in your overall experience as a pet owner.

Here’s a look at some important questions you should ask yourself to make sure that you end up choosing a dog breed that’s right for you.

What size of dog can you accommodate?

The first and most obvious point to consider is that dogs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

While the differences may seem mainly cosmetic (”do you like big dogs or small ones?”) these different sizes have different implications for you as an owner.

Do you live on a large property with a well-sized garden? If so, you’re probably quite well-equipped to own a large dog.

If, on the other hand, you live in a smaller house or flat, a smaller dog may be the best option.

What do you want your dog for?

Different dog breeds have, famously, been bred for different purposes over time — with some of those being entirely practical and work related, and others having to do with more cosmetic considerations.

Even if you’re not a farmer after a good sheepdog, or a hunter looking for a gun dog, it’s important to know what you want your dog for and then to match the breed accordingly.

Do you want a dog to serve as a friendly companion for your children?

A well-matured golden retriever could be just the thing.

Do you want a stern guard dog to help protect your property?

A German Shepherd or Doberman is likely to be vigilant and aggressive enough to give would-be intruders pause for consideration.

Which breed best matches your temperament?

They say that people become more like their dogs and dogs become more like their people over time, and there might be something to that. In any event, it’s often important that you and your dog are somewhat alike when you first meet, too.

Looking for a breed whose temperament suits your own, and which you believe you can put up with, is essential.

Do you want a high-energy, athletic dog like a husky, always ready to play or run?

Or maybe you’d like a more docile and gentle St Bernard?

Understand that different breeds have different temperaments and choose accordingly.

How much exercise are you able to give the dog?

Dog ownership isn’t all fun and games, there’s also a bit of work and responsibility involved on your part.

You’ll need to consider pet insurance from a company such as, and you’ll need to get your animal vaccinated.

Being able to give your dog the attention it deserves is a fundamental part of being an ethical and responsible dog owner, and one of the key areas where this matters is in making sure that your dog’s getting enough exercise.

While some breeds of dogs are more sedentary than others, remember that various breeds have been selectively bred over time for serious physical activity.

A greyhound simply needs to be taken for proper runs on a regular basis, whereas a chihuahua may place less demands on your own fitness.

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