3 Healthy Dog Tips About Food

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

When you bring a puppy into the family or adopt a dog for the first time, you’re likely to put a whole lot of research into their every want and need.

But there is one area in particular where this research should never end: your pooch’s diet.

No matter how old your dog is, you need to keep on top of their dietary requirements, as they change over time.

So, it’s always best to brush up on your knowledge every now and then to ensure that they are consuming absolutely everything in the right proportion to help guarantee them the best health and overall quality of life.

Remember that it’s generally best to consult your pet’s vet directly for individual advice that is unique to your own dog.

After all, it will take an examination to work out if your four-legged friend happens to be overweight, underweight, or intolerant of any particular ingredients.

However, when it comes to dogs in general, there are a few steadfast rules that you should stick to.

Here are a few for your to bear in mind!

What Are The 3 Top Ways To Keep Track of Your Dog’s Complimentary Foods?

Food Intolerance

There are a few items of food that we consume casually that can prove extremely dangerous or even fatal to dogs.

Most of us are familiar with one of the worst culprits: chocolate.

Chocolate contains cocoa, which in turn contains the compound theobromine.

This is highly toxic to dogs.

The potential danger tends to revolve around the size of your dog (which affects their tolerance) and the concentration of theobromine in the products they might get a hold of. Cocoa, baking chocolate, and dark chocolate generally contain a whole lot more theobromine.

There are other foods that dogs are intolerant to as well: caffeine, onion, garlic, chives, alcohol, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, yeast dough, corn on the cob, milk, and any food with any mould, including products that purposefully contain mold, such as blue cheese.

If you notice that your dog has eaten any amount of chocolate or other toxic substances, you should call or visit your vet immediately. There are 24-hour practices available in most areas.

3 Ways To Keep an Eye on Your Dog's Food

3 Ways To Keep an Eye on Your Dog’s Food

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Every dog deserves a treat every now and then.

Whether for training purposes, to reward general good behavior, or as a complimentary snack alongside their regular meals.

However, certain snacks are always better than others. If you want to go down the natural road, a carrot generally goes down a treat.

This also helps to clean their teeth by removing plaque as they chew. You can also try out pill treats for dogs.

These taste great at the same time as supplying your pooch with ingredients that improve their skin and coat and strengthen their hips and joints.


We’re all familiar with the imagery of giving a dog a bone. Almost every cartoon dog we’ve grown up with loves a bone!

But you need to be extremely careful with what kind of bones you give your pup.

If you want to be particularly safe avoid them in general.

However, bear in mind that cooked bones, such as cooked chicken bones or any other bone, are extremely dangerous.

They can splinter and cause major internal problems such as puncturing organs or creating internal bleeds.

Remember that as a dog owner, what they eat is almost entirely in your hands.

So make sure you’re providing your pet with the best!

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