Doing Best By Your Dog

Animals bring so much happiness to our lives – if we have a dog, we’re always going to notice the way it smiles and wags its tail.

Even when we are down, that’s enough to bring a little smile to the corner of our faces.

Dogs bring a lot to our life, but it isn’t for free – there’s a lot of time, effort, and love that needs to go towards a dog or any kind of pet, in reality.

It’s hard work looking after a pet, but that’s what you signed up for if you brought a dog into your home.

If you’ve got a faithful hound or a loyal pooch, you need to do your best by them to ensure they’ve got a good standard of living and are in great health.

Firstly, a dog needs exercise and the bigger the dog, the more exercise a dog will need.

Now, a dog doesn’t have access to the gym, cross-trainers or weights as we do – you’ll have to take full responsibility for the exercise and fitness actions of your dog.

That means one thing – walkies.

A dog needs to be taken for a walk at least once a day.

This enables the dog to stretch its legs, get some fresh air and enjoy a bit of life in the outside world.

It also gives the dog a chance to go to the toilet, just be a responsible dog owner and clean up after them if the mess is, well, solid!

When walking, keep your dog on a tight leash, so you have full control over its actions.

Also, try to remember one crucial thing when walking a dog – it cannot walk on hot pavements.

If the pavement or sidewalk is too hot for your bare feet, it is far too hot for a dog. Stick to the grass and take your dog to the park in this case.

Doing The Best By Your Dog


Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety quite badly as well.

If you’re not in the home because of work commitments, you might consider training your dog to cope when you’re not around, or you could leave them in the care of people like Camp Diego on a daily or short-term basis.

When you’re away on vacation, try to get your dog looked after – it certainly cannot be left alone.

Feed your dog well.

If you want to do well by your dog, take care of its diet and feed it healthy food.

If you want to stick to dog food, that’s fine – but plain boiled chicken is the best thing you can give to a dog to ensure it eats well. It’s lean and full of protein.

Dogs should stay away from rich human foods that are not at all good for the pooch.

They can cause really bad – and smelly – indigestion issues. As a side to this, always leave your dog with one or more full bowls of fresh cold water.

Dogs can get overheated very quickly, and drinking helps them cool down.

Water is very important here! Just as much as food. If you want to do good by your pooch, water them, walk them and feed them!

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