Bad Dog! A Resource Guide to Canine Misbehavior

The fact that you’re on this website suggests to me that you’re a fan of dogs. And, to be fair, who isn’t? (Okay, there are people who don’t like dogs. But they’d odd. We don’t speak about them.) Even the people who prefer cats still spend a lot of time wishing they had a dog at home. After all, dogs make absolutely amazing household companions.

Unless, of course, they’re bad dogs. Maybe bad is a bit too strong a word. But you know the kind of dogs I’m talking about. They’re too loud. Or too messy. Or they’re literally going around your house and wrecking your possessions. Or they’re not very kind to visitors. We still love them to bits, but they’re definitely misbehaving!

So what do we do? It really depends on what’s going on. Not all canine misbehavior is the same, after all. So here’s a quick rundown of the things you should be considering when your dog is misbehaving.

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Getting settled: the need for routine

Dogs are actually a lot like children in many ways. One of those ways is in their need for routine. When it comes to children, people don’t often think much about a routine. When they feed the baby or send them to sleep tends to align with our own routines. (Or, at least, we try to make it so!) So we don’t notice that routine in and of itself is actually very important to a baby.

The same goes with a dog. If there’s not a consistent routine, they will have a hard time settling down. Keep feeding and walking times as consistent as possible!

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In the genes

Some people think that different breeds having different behaviors is a myth. But I can assure you that they’re not! For the most part, these sorts of behaviors are very difficult to “fix”. They’re things that you need to have considered beforehand. Thankfully, such innate behaviors are usually not too much trouble.

Consider, for example, Whippets and Basset Hounds. These breeds love to chew on things, so keep that in mind. On the smaller side, Chihuahuas are known to be very hyperactive!

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Going to dog school

Sorry – I refer to dog training as “going to dog school”. It’s not entirely accurate, but I like the phrase. That being said, some dog trainers are actually able to take your dog to a safe location for a short stay during behavioral therapy. So sometimes it is like school!

Dog training is sometimes seen as an extreme step. Something that only the really bad dogs have to go through. But this isn’t true! If you’re having any trouble at all, consider speaking to a trainer about your worries.

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Anxiety and destructive behavior

The canine misbehavior that seems to bother people the most is destructive behavior. When your dog is running around the house and ripping furniture apart. Or chewing on door frames and table legs. Or scratching your children’s toys to bits. Why does this happen?

A lot of the time, destructive behavior is the result of anxiety. It could be related to boredom or fear. You may want to consider playing with your dog more often!




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