Companionship vs. Timidness For Your Dog

The sociability factor of dogs is generally very high and that is why you must learn how to dog train him immediately. 

How to dog train him may be the ultimate factor of whether he is a good companion or remains timid and erratic throughout his life.

It is important to bring your dog to obedience school or get dog lessons within the first six months,  because he may be too sociable for you or your children to interact with on a daily basis. 

Sometimes dogs can also parlay the social ‘attention getting’ personality into an aggressive nature.

  • The majority of dog biting cases, you will find, occurs with family and friends. It is very rare to have your dog just run off and bite another human or animal, unless you are not present with him nor have them on a leash.
  • About 75% or so of dog biting cases occur close to the family ties, which is why the reason to train your dog is essential to eliminating the bad habits.
  • You need to make sure your dogs have better socially acceptable skills in regards to dealing with all of the variables they encounter each day.

The implementation of his obedience is not a simple task and must be enacted with patience, patience and more patience.

As long as you have a small kernel of a biscuit in your hand at all times while training your dog, then you will be able to control him as he continues to grow during the training process.

Of course, the better your dog’s ability to train and learn, the easier it will be to understand the commands and obedience from their lessons.

Some of the more popular breeds that are easier to dog train include the Golden Labs & Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Terriers.

Even though there are many breeds that we are able to train easier, almost any dog can be trained in a matter of fact manner.


Check Out Courtney Stodden’s Little Puppy in the Post Below:

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