We all think of our pets as just as much a part of our family as anyone else.

That’s why when the time comes to depart for vacation, things can get tough.

It’s emotional having to say goodbye to your pooch as you ship them off to the kennels for a fortnight.

But, does it really need to be that way? Nope. At least, not if you choose a holiday destination that is dog-friendly!

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That isn’t always easy, of course, given that many places aren’t suitable to pets. That’s why you need to accommodate your entire trip around your four-legged friend.

While you’re looking for destinations, why not try a couple of these on for size? We’ve compiled our top dog-friendly destinations for your convenience.

Cabin Retreat

One of the easiest ways to get around the fact that not many places offer catering for pets is to cater for yourself. Cabin retreats are great ways of cutting costs on vacation at the best of times. They’re self-inclusive for the most part, which means you just pay for the accommodation.

Everything else, such as your food and drink, comes straight out of your wallet.

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Of course, where things get even better for dog lovers is that there are no such restrictions for your pooch. They can come along for the ride and it becomes just like any other time your family gets to spend together. Only, on top of that, think about the location.

Cabins are usually located in the woodlands, which means there are acres of space for you and your dog to explore. And as we know, there’s nothing a dog loves more than some good old exploration!


As I just mentioned, dogs and exploring go hand in hand. Animals are often inquisitive in their nature, which can sometimes get them in a little bit of trouble!

However, your dog will be much safer with you around. If you’re an explorer at heart, too, then you’ve probably become well aware of backpacking as a vacation choice. It’s perfect for those that just want to escape the pressures of modern life and get back to basics.

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What better way to enjoy that experience than to share it with your furry friend?

The best part is that your trip won’t need to be planned any differently than if you were to go it alone. You just need to take their safety concerns into account as well as your own. And having your dog along for the ride can go a long way to warding off that feeling of isolation when hiking.

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Wherever you choose to go on vacation, you’ll just need to make sure that your dog is allowed to tag along. For the most part, this rules out any conventional holiday, such as staying in a hotel.

However, there are plenty of alternative accommodation options that are becoming popular. Any of these could easily be great for you and your dog.


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