Having a canine companion is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Their love for you is unconditional, and they are always there for you when you call. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to protect you, and a cuddle is on offer twenty-four hours a day. A pet dog is one of the best companions we could ask for.

But when we have to go to work, our poor dogs are often left at home alone for anything up to twelve hours. If you need to be out for a long time, you may need to take your pooch to dog day care. Like us, dogs need stimulation for most of the time they’re awake. And they need lots of physical activity too. Most importantly, they need company. Loneliness is something we can all suffer.

Dog day care means your dog can enjoy the company of other humans and dogs in a caring environment. Leaving your dog at home all day can cause many behavioral problems. Even if your dog has access to a yard for toileting and play, he may still need someone to engage him. You could try to get home for an hour or so during your lunch break. This will help break up the day, and you can take your pet for a much-needed walk.


image source: GaborfromHungary

Some dog owners get a second dog or other pet, so there is company in the house. Of course, if you’re not home you can’t supervise them and ensure they are safe in each other’s company. You need a great deal of faith that the animals won’t have a falling out and cause any harm to themselves or your house. You might consider installing pet cams. These are like nanny cams. You can watch your animals and even talk to them over the internet.

If you must go out for a few hours, make sure there is plenty of water available. If it is a particularly hot day, you need to provide ventilation by leaving the air conditioning on or a window open on a latch. Leave their regular meal behind, but also provide a treats toy. This is a toy the dog must play with for it to dispense treats and food. They’re great for encouraging physical activity as well as providing mental stimulation.

You may find that your pet feels comforted by music or the TV being left on. Some cable providers offer pet channels for pets to watch. Alternatively, have a look on the internet. You could even make some videos of yourself for your dog to watch. A good range of toys that encourage physical activity is usually best, though.

When you leave the house, try to do the same thing each time. This will help your dog feel more relaxed about what is happening. And be sure to give your dog a big hug when you get back. He’ll be very pleased to see you! It’s not always best to give extra treats for good behavior. Instead, a nice long walk in the park could be ideal.


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