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If you have a pet, regardless if it is dog or cat, then you certainly had issues with some kind of boring pet parasites. As a proud pet owner and a person who lives in the land down under (in which every kind of life, including the unwanted ones, rule in every type of habitat), I can give you a few pieces of advice to help you defeat these irritating and persistent creatures. So, take a look at some of them:

Start the fight as soon as you notice parasites
There’s no way that you won’t realize your pet became a host to parasites, especially fleas, since those nasty creatures give a pretty annoying itch, and your cat or dog will go crazy from scratching.

Besides, flea infestation often causes plenty of scabs and loss of hair, so as soon as you spot any of these symptoms, it’s important to begin the fight. Also, fleas can spread around very fast, so if your pet has them, it’s possible that they’re in your house as well.
Provide your pet with an efficient bath
Bathing shouldn’t be the only method you use to exterminate fleas and similar parasites which benefit on your pet’s skin, but it’s a great beginning step and instant relief for your dog or cat.

When my dog got fleas, I used to bathe him very well, and although I was using a special shampoo for dogs, I found out that you can also apply dish-washing liquid which contains citrus essence or anti-flea shampoo. The main result you’ll see by bathing with dish-washing liquid is the fleas’ will fall into the water, but I would recommend combing your pet while its hair is still wet, so remaining fleas can fall off too.
Choose the right treatment
As I previously noted, pet skin parasites are able to develop and spread rapidly, so in most cases, additional actions are necessary. Although bathing eliminated most of the fleas my dog had, some of their eggs stayed, and I decided to reach for a quality flea treatment for dogs, which in the end was the only way I could get rid of them completely.

However, it is important to choose separated treatment for your dog and cat, since you shouldn’t apply the same medications or powders on both of them. Also, pay attention to treat all of your pets at the same time, since fleas are extreme jumpers, and regardless if you banished them from your cat, your dog’s visitors will soon come back to her.
Clean house and wash all of your pet’s items
On the day you performed the flea treatment, collect all of your pet’s stuff, including linens and toys, and wash them in order to get rid of the existing flea eggs or larva.

When doing that, use this opportunity to clean every house space where your pet had access, to exclude any remaining parasite parts. It would be smart to keep your pet within the house some time after the treatments, but I understand that’s sometimes impossible, so avoid grassy and sandy areas as much as you can.
No matter how persistent parasites are which attack your pet, proper methods and your strong will are definitely the winning cards you should use while fighting against them.

Roxana Oliver

Guest Blogger

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