Dogs can be very sociable. In fact, they sometimes get too sociable and get aggressive. That is why it is important to train your dog to control behavior. Moreover, dog training is important to avoid dog biting incidents.


Statistics show that 77% of dog biting cases are mostly those that are within the family. Hence, with dog training, bad habits are removed and dogs have better control of their feelings and behavior towards environmental and social variables.


Blake Lively decides to carry her dog while walking on the street.

However, implementing dog training is not that easy. Certain things must be employed to have positive results. The thing most needed in dog training is what experts define as “positive reinforcement.” This refers to the way people reward their dogs with treats, praises, or both whenever their dogs show positive behavior.

Through positive reinforcement, dogs are able to comprehend that treats and praises will come whenever he shows good behavior. For example, when the owner gives his dog some treats for obediently obeying his commands, the dog will think that obeying commands when told equals treats.


But this does not necessarily mean that when the dog did not obey the owner’s commands, punishment is needed as counter-reinforcement. This should not be the case because punishments will only make the matter worst. What will happen is that your dog will be confused and it will begin to doubt your feelings.

The next thing that you must remember when training your dog is that people should avoid training their dogs into a bad habit. Actually, many people are not aware they are doing this but there are instances wherein the people’s reaction towards some behavior of the dog will inadvertently train the dog in a bad way.


For example, when dogs bark, it is common especially when they do that because they see something strange or unfamiliar things. But, when dogs continue to bark, even if it includes a familiar person, that becomes a problem.

In this case, most people have the inclination to yell and tell their dogs to shut up. This particular reaction of dog owners will confuse their dogs and will only make them understand that the reason why their owners are yelling is because they are also enjoying the shouting scene and that they are “barking” along with their dogs.

The key point here is to avoid paying attention to the dog. In time, he will stop. That’s when you should reward your dog. Boiled down, dog training is all about positive reinforcements. And, as they say, positive reinforcements reap positive results.



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