Finding the right person to give dog lessons to train your puppy or dog is important.


Over the life of your dog you will find that his or her entire behavior will perform in conjunction with any dog training you give them.  Now we wish to give a dedication to Romeo, the Yellow Lab, who passed away early in 2014.


Below is a photo taken by Michael and Michelle Pavia who are from Massachusetts. Michelle, upon her move here from California, had already owned “Romeo,” the dog laying on top in this photo, for a few years.  He was a beautiful, smart and very obedient dog that would listen to her and Michael at a moments notice.


Eventually, after so many years living in Massachusetts, they noticed Romeo’s health was starting to deteriorate, and as a result of the thought of losing Romeo in the coming years, they decided to get a companion for Romeo. His name is Captain, the Golden Retriever you see laying underneath Romeo. 


It was important for Michael and Michelle to find a fun-loving dog to help Romeo stay active and help alleviate his health issues over the last few years of his life.  The goal from deciding to get Captain was truly finding a way to shield Michael and Michelle’s sadness from Romeo’s death. 


This website and article are dedicated to the “coolest dog ever,” Romeo Pavia, who I had the privilege of watching for a week while Michelle was away when she first moved to the East Coast.  Romeo was the epitome of “cool” and he obeyed Michelle and Michael like no other dog in the world.


The only comparison of his obedience would be to that of a police dog.  Of course Romeo was not aggressive by any sense of the word but rather he was obedient in every way and did act as a good guard dog to Michelle, Michael and their home if the situation arose. 


We love you Romeo and can’t wait to see you in heaven…. Captain, the Golden Retriever below, now has a new little buddy named Wilson, who is the same type of dog Romeo was, a Yellow Labrador Retriever.



Back to our discussion on dog training, if you have waited a while to train your dog, it can be a more tedious task than first anticipated. You can find different options to train your dog by looking in many pet stores and searching online for individual dog trainers who do it for a living.

When you learn how to train your dog by using your hand signals and a treat for every command obeyed, then your dog will obey your commands. The positive reinforcement that trainers use is what we are talking about here and is vital to your acclamation to his needs and vice versa.

Ultimately, it is how dog owners or trainers give rewards to their dogs for any positive behavior in giving treats and praising the dog with a higher pitched comforting voice.



When people say “good boy,” “who’s a good boy,” or “that a boy, well done,” and saying the dog’s name after every affirmation or two, is vital as well to inhibit the dog’s memory in the voice inflections, tones and rhythms of your voice.

The dog will begin to understand, eventually, that when he displays obedience to your commands and does what he is asked of him by your voice or hand commands, or both, then they know a treat and praise will come to them.


The three most important commands for your dog to learn are: Come, Come Now and Sit.
This positive reinforcement after a command, for example, when you say “Sit,” in a firm voice and you could at the same time give a finger pointing straight down to the floor when you say it; so the body movement works in coordination with the same voice sounds, which will help him understand.


However, be very careful not to confuse the dog with any negative reinforcement if he does not obey, this will only make the process even more difficult.

Remember, the dog does not understand the English language, Spanish, Japanese, or Italian; the dog only understands the sound of the syllables you make and any inflection you may provide with the words you use.

So your dog is following the sound of the words “sit,”, or “lay down,” or “roll over,” and also your hand motions to accompany those sounds.


It is like for us, how the words sound a particular way, it also sounds the same to him in a categorical reference type of way.

Obviously we understand the meaning of each word, yet your dog will do the same in a more abstract and subjective way. Ultimately over time he will obey you.



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