Remember, when training your dog, it is always important to keep the bad habits out of the equation and focus on all the important commands they should know first.


Some of these commands include: “come,” “come now,” “sit,” “lay down,” “stay,” “fetch,” stop barking, walking on your left side, and not jumping up on people.

These bad habits will reap negative results continuously and will therefore become a hindrance to your overall training. This is the reason why you need to start training your dog him being 6 months of age.


Whether you take your dog training to a specific dog trainer for lessons or if you are adventurous and want to do it yourself, it is inevitably a problem that must be overcome.

Most people become aware of the situation when trying to fix a faulty behavior in the dog and try to do it to no avail. However, it is important to catch this behavior and fix it right away with treats as your positive reinforcement.

Remember, to always accompany “nice talk,” when giving your treats to train your dog. There will be times for example, when your dog barks at strange or unfamiliar things and keeps barking because he either does not know the situation or wants to be involved in the situation.

When he sees dogs walking in front of your house, or when he sees other animals, like squirrels and birds around your house, these are examples of bad habits your dog will undertake as he barks at them without stopping.

Another behavior that is a bad habit, which should be corrected immediately, is when he jumps up onto people because he is excited to see them.

No matter what size your dog is, they should not be jumping up on their hind legs on anyone when he sees the person.
This bad habit should be eradicated by using positive reinforcement with treats and nice talk. It is a repetitious manner of teaching and will eventually be ingrained in your dog by using these simple training techniques.

Some dog owners will yell and shout at their dog to be quiet. You may be yelling at your dog saying, “Shut up! Be quiet, you mutt,” while he is rampantly barking at something outside.

The best way to handle dog barking is to not pay any attention to the dog while he is doing the barking. When you yell at the dog while he is barking then he is thinking as a subjective reference, that it is okay because you are joining him in yelling.

This is furthest from the truth, as you know, and you must ignore him. Dog training is based on positive reinforcements and other psychological things that you can do to train his behaviors.

When your dog does not bark at meaningless things, people or other dogs then you should reward him. Obviously, if this is his automatic behavior and he always does this bad habit or any bad habit, your first priority is to train him out of the behavior.

The bottom line in dog training and learning what works best to dog train, is that positive reinforcement it the foundational block that must be built as you begin your journey to train your dog.


It is all about the journey and not the destination when it comes to training your dog and learning the details about how to train your dog.


You love your dog.


You will do anything for your dog.


You will give your dog anything he needs.


You will do whatever is necessary to keep your dog healthy.


You will hug and pet your dog any chance you get.


You will therefore train your dog to make him obedient to your word and actions for a better life with your dog.



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