A Puppy Is For Life: Important Things You Must Consider Before Giving A Puppy A Home

Whether you adopt or buy, getting a puppy is a life changing decision. They can bring joy, responsibility, and friendship into your world as well as loyalty and unconditional love. But unfortunately, many people don’t fully consider what owning a puppy involves. They may become too big, require too much training or need specialist care the owners cannot afford. This lack of thought is unfair on the dog as it often results in them being returned. To make 100% sure that giving a puppy a home is the right option for you, here are important things to consider.

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Can you afford it?

It’s no secret that pets cost money. From pet insurance to vets bills, you need to make sure you can comfortably afford to look after a puppy for it’s entire life. In addition to that, you will also need to buy items up front such as bowls and a bed as well as puppy-proofing your home and garden. So before you start looking for a pup, you need to check your finances. Get some idea of the prices of essential puppy items and whether or not your available budget can cope. Also, start doing your research into discount pet supplies, budget-friendly training courses, and kennels prices. Gathering this information beforehand will help you make a more informed decision on where this is a viable option or not.

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Do you have the time?

Puppies can be very demanding and require you to give them plenty of time and attention. They need substantial time each day for exercising, learning and playing. Many people underestimate just how much time and effort they need to put into keeping their new puppy entertained. Training, for instance, can take weeks or months for them to master completely. If they don’t get what they need, puppies will often start to display negative behavior. Consider your work life and lifestyle carefully and work out how much available time you have. It’s unfair to get a puppy if you aren’t going to be around a lot or don’t have the time to give it everything it needs.

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Is this just a phase?

Another vitally important thing you need to consider is whether you are in this for the long run or not. We all go through phases where we become obsessed with something but after a while, this enthusiasm begins to feign. If they are well cared for dogs can live for a long time. So you need to establish whether this is something you might get bored of after a few months. A puppy is a living creature that deserves respect and love. So never get one if you aren’t committed to looking after them for the entirety of their life.
We all know how adorable puppies are, and it can be easy to get drawn into wanting one. But remember that they will rely on you for everything, from food to exercise. So be realistic about just how much care, time, and energy you can give. A puppy is for life so don’t take the plunge unless you are able to give it a long and happy one.


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