7 Tips to Giving Your Dog the Best Life Possible

How to give your dog the best life possible

When we get a dog, the become a real part of the family.

A son or daughter, brother or sister, best friend, and more.

You want to ensure that your dog has the best life possible, but it isn’t always that easy – they don’t speak our language!

However, by using the tips in this guide, you can make sure your dog is happy no matter what.

Research Their Breed To Make Sure They Suit Your Lifestyle

Before you even get a dog, you need to make sure you’ve researched their breed and that they suit your lifestyle.

Some dogs are more energetic, while others prefer to lounge around.

They should suit you and how you like to live.

Find out as much about a breed as possible so you can give them what they need.

Some are great with kids, others not so much.

It’s only fair on them and your family that you choose the right one.

Train Them Early On

You should start training your dog early on.

This means teaching them basic commands, as well as making it known that you are the pack leader.

Bear in mind that you never need to hit or scare your dog to do this.

It’s simply about being dominant. It takes a little repetition, but they’ll catch on.

You must be consistent in everything you do.

A happy dog is a dog with a leader.

A dog that doesn’t have a clear leader and is being confused daily with their owner’s behavior will be unhappy, and will usually misbehave.

7 Tips To Giving Your Dog The Best Life Possiblesource

Give Them The Right Amount Of Exercise

Make sure you know how much exercise your dog needs, and you give it to them.

Some dogs need more than others. Usually, smaller breeds don’t need as much.

This is why it’s crucial to ensure a dog suits your lifestyle.

Get into a good routine where you walk with your dog at least once a day.

If they don’t need that much walking, you should still play with them at home to ensure they are stimulated!

Give Your Dog Mental Exercise

Giving your dog mental exercise is important too.

It makes them feel like they have a purpose!

Teach them tricks, and take them new places.

Find them puzzles to solve.

They’ll be so much happier when you keep their mind’s stimulated.

Make sure they have things to stimulate them even while you’re at work.

Being on your own all day is no fun!

7 Tips to Giving Your Dog the Best Life Possiblesource

Give Them A Rub

Dogs love to be massaged just as much as humans do.

This means you should give them a rub every now and again.

Dog massage is a real thing! However, a simple rub can suffice most of the time.

It’s also a good idea to pamper and treat them in other ways, such as giving their fur a brush.

They usually really enjoy these experiences and it helps the two of you bond.

Keep Them Safe

It’s your duty as a dog owner to keep your dog safe.

Make sure you have them micro-chipped, and invest in a collar with their name and your number on it.

You should also ensure there are no hazardous substances in the house that they could get their paws on!

Some plants, essential oils, and foods can be really hazardous to pets.

Make Your Dog’s Health A Priority

Your dog’s health should be a priority to you.

Make sure you’re prepared for the medication costs and vet bills that you will get as a dog owner.

You should always make sure you can really afford these things before you get a dog.

Even looking at new things like dog wheels can give your dog a better quality of life.

Always be prepared for an emergency, and make sure you do what it takes to look after your dog’s health and happiness.

Keep Them Clean

A clean dog is a happy dog.

If a dog has matted fur or long claws, they are going to be be uncomfortable.

Plus, they won’t look very attractive! Make sure you bathe your dog when they need it with suitable products.

You can also take them to a dog groomer, but make sure you do your research by reading testimonials and looking at qualifications first.

You should only ever leave your dog in expert, qualified hands.

Dogs aren’t with us for very long, so making sure we give them the best life possible is so important.

You have your work, family, friends – a whole life outside of them.

They mostly only have you! Remember that before you get a dog.

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