6 Best Doggy Data Resources – How To Research Your Dog (And Save Some Money)

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Every pet related blog post or vet visit results in the same recommendation; do your research.

Now, in theory, this is quite easy. You’d think you could just google what you need, and use the first result.

But so many sites have different and unreliable information, and it’s hard to know who to trust.

This is a compilation of reliable and fact-based sources for information about your dog.

And some information to help you save some money.

Food And Accessories

Everyone knows that dogs need a balanced diet, just like a human. Ideally, you should speak to your vet first about your dog’s diet. They should be able to give you all the information you need.

But you should always double check this information yourself. MySweetDogs.com has a great guide to help manage your dog’s diet.

Your dog will also need toys, collars, and other accessories.

To find the best quality accessories, it’s best to read and watch reviews before making a purchase.

YourFamilyPets.com is a site that has honest reviews of both food and accessories, but if you have a particular product in mind, YouTube.com searches will yield great reviews.


Again, your very first port of call for anything medical should be a vet.

But to check that their diagnosis matches a central resource, you can use Petmd.com. This site will also suggest the right treatment for your dog.


Not sure of your dog’s breed?

Or want to learn more about it?

Dogtime.com has a comprehensive database filled with different dog breeds.

They let you search for breeds based on loads of different factors, like the size of your house or the dog’s behavior.

This tool can be helpful when it comes to choosing a dog. But it’s quite interesting to read, even if you don’t have a dog!

Find A Dog

Finding a dog that you can be sure is healthy and well treated can be hard.

You can use your local vet and animal rescue centers to find animals that need homes, but you can also look online. It’s best to look for a professional breeder, but if you’re careful, going privately isn’t a problem.

Use sites like pets4homes.co.uk to find animals nearby, and even sites like craigslist.com. Any responsible breeder will provide any necessary paperwork if it’s required in your area.

Save Some Money

Now the best part… saving some money!

A lot of vets will sell accessories and food in store. You should avoid buying these products as much as you can unless you can’t find them cheaper.

Usually, the prices of products in vets are vastly higher than what you can find online. If you know what you want to buy, you can simple google search the brand and use the shopping tab to see the cheapest options.

To save money on flea and worm treatments, your vet will usually have a club that you can join for a monthly fee.

The club will include the treatments, and you are given the recommended brand.

Hopefully, this will take away some of the headache of doing your doggy research, and give you a good starting point to being the perfect pet owner!





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