5 Ways To Give Your Dog A Vacation Of Their Own Next Time You Go Away

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Vacationing has added stresses for dog owners.

Not only do you have to organize yourselves, but you have to worry about keeping your dog happy too!

It would be great if we could take our four legged companions away with us.

If you’re going abroad, the stress of travel isn’t worth it.

Not to mention the costs and the time you’d have to spend away from your pet while they went into quarantine.

It’s much easier to ensure alternative accommodation.

Of course, you want to make sure that accommodation is as good as possible.

You won’t be able to enjoy your vacation if you’re worried about your pet the whole time.

So, what are the options to consider before you go?


Asking a friend or family member to care for your dog while you’re away is the best of both worlds.

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your dog is with someone they know, who is going to look after them well.

Besides which, you get to save yourself a little money!

If you know someone who’s willing to care for your pet, provide them with everything they’ll need.

Stock up on dog food and write out any particular care considerations.


If you don’t know anyone who could care for your dog, it might be worth employing a dog sitter.

There are trained dog sitters out there. Placing an advert on a site like gumtree.com could lead you to one.

It’s worth asking for a live in sitter. That way, your dog doesn’t have to leave familiar surroundings.

You’ll also have the benefit of knowing they’ll care for your house as well!

Of course, there are risks with this option. Inviting a stranger into your home is always an act of trust.

Asking someone to care for your pet, even more so.

Make sure you carry out proper checks on the person you choose.

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If neither of the above options are plausible, you might want to look into dog boarding.

Boarding kennels like www.meadowlakepetresort.com can be a great option.

Just because your dog is in a kennel, doesn’t mean you have to choose a lifeless option.

Pick a kennel with a more personal touch. Somewhere you know your dog is going to get plenty of attention and time outside of their kennel.

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If considering time away from your pet is too much for you, you could always consider a vacation your dog will love too.

There are plenty of dog-friendly locations you could choose from.

Think of places closer to home.

Just because you can’t jet off without a care, doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Think of sites with plenty of beautiful walks for family and dog to enjoy.

Camping can be a great option.

You could all stay in a caravan if a tent doesn’t appeal.

A holiday with the whole family can be the most enjoyable of all!


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