5 Ways How to be a Better Dog Owner

How to be a Better Dog Owner – Starts With You

If there is one word comes naturally to you, being a dog owner, it’s responsibility. Owning a dog means that you have a big old set of responsibilities – namely, looking after a dog.

A dog is like a baby that will never grow up and learn to talk – you always need to care for it and be there for it. Simply put, it’s great that you love your dog to bits, but you need to do so much more.

You need to ensure that your pooch is happy, sheltered, healthy and protected.

You also need to make sure you clean up after it and that it is well fed, clean and has plenty to drink.

Being a better dog owner doesn’t have to be hard work, but it can be if you let your doggy priorities build up.

You need to break down your doggy care routines.

You need to be a better dog owner, in fact, we all should be doing our best to be better dog owners – or dog parents.

Firstly, the basics.

To be a better dog owner, you need to take responsibility for the food that enters your hound’s mouth.

Simply stuffing bacon and beef into their bowl, or saving the scraps of dinner isn’t good enough.

Not to be a stickler here, but the foods that we enjoy and that your dog weeps for (we’ve all heard them moaning under the table) are in many circumstances, are extremely bad for dogs.

Fatty foods can cause severe issues in dogs from gastroenteritis to other digestive and glandular problems.

Put it this way – human foods can’t really be processed by dogs all that well, so think about the food you give them.

Small things like dog treats, dog biscuits, and dog food are better for them – even if they look and smell gross.

If you’re at a loss and want to give your dog some quality food, boiled chicken is good – but they might get a taste for the finer things in life.

But hey, you didn’t sign up to be a dog owner so that you could cheap out, right?

Also, avoid cocoa and avocado, two known toxins to dogs – they go wild for this stuff, but it can be fatal.

If you want to cut the time out of meal preparation for your dog, cook it all up in one go and box it for a week’s worth of food.

You can either do that or opt for the ready made dog food.

A big part of your dog’s diet is also hydration.

Dogs can get dehydrated very easily.

How do you counter this?

Well, you need always to ensure that your dog has a full water bowl at all points throughout the day.

This is extremely important on a hot day as a dog will need water more during those hot and heavy summer days.

However, you can’t slack through the other types of weather and season as a dog will always need to be hydrated.

Ensure your dog knows where its water bowl is and take a proactive approach to filling it up.

A dog’s diet is ultra important and one of the key things in dog care as your dog will only eat what you choose to feed it and if you’re choosing to feed your dog bad food, that won’t be good for the dog.

Be a better owner by taking control of your dog’s diet.

How to be a Better Dog Owner(source)

Organizing the eating and drinking habits of your dog is only part of the puzzle.

Yes, it’s the largest part – but to be a responsible and better dog owner, you need to do a little bit more work.

If you’ve mastered the diet, you’re a lot closer to your goal though.

Making sure your dog eats well and healthily is one thing and all the nutrients involved in that stage go a long way towards completing the next one.

You see, to be a better dog owner, you need to keep your dog clean, so it doesn’t contract any illnesses or viruses.

Anyway – your dog deserves to be clean.

how to be a better dog owner(source)

If your dog is eating well, its coat should look good anyway thanks to all those nutrients- all you need to do is groom the pooch.

Now, there are a lot of grooming places and salons that you can take your dog to, and that’s good, but you can do a lot of the work yourself.

Thirdly, pick up a dog grooming brush and brush the coat to rid the hair of locks and tangles and to keep it looking clean.

This is the most basic thing you can do. Apart, from of course – the bath.

A dog should be bathed semi-regularly, but be wary as this can be upsetting to some dogs.

Some dogs love water; others don’t.

Some don’t mind but hate losing their smell and might run wild after a bath trying to pick up their scent again.

Fourthly, to give your dog a safe bath be respectful of its needs and never use boiling or freezing water and never ever use human bathing products on the dog as they could be harmful.

Dry the dog off with a towel until the pooch gets dirty again.

You can also cut your dog’s hair yourself, but it might look a bit awful at first until your develop a steadier hand.

Have you got a well-fed and a groomed dog?

You’re almost there.

Fifthly, your dog will also require exercise.

It will need this daily.

You can exercise your dog in two ways – walking and playing.

Walking the dog is a daily, or even twice daily activity that all dog owners should do.

Dogs do not like being cooped up and do enjoy a walk – this also helps keep their bodies and claws healthy.

It also allows them to do their dog business outside instead of indoors.


You can do that whenever you want, but make sure you do it!

By feeding your dog the right food, grooming it and exercising it – you can be a better dog owner.



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