5 Tips To Making Your Dog The Perfect Pet

So you’ve taken the big plunge, weighed up all the benefits and drawbacks and got yourself a new dog. You’ve definitely made the right choice. A dog will 100% make your life better. Just wait and see.

Not only will you get admiring cute glances down the street but you’ll also get the perfect companion; a furry partner in crime and your new best friend. However it’s essential that you train the dog as early as you can or he will start to pick up some naughty habits.

No one wants to see a wet living room when the garden is just next door? You can strive to do it yourself within a few risky months or go through a professional dog trainers.

From there, you’ll have a sitting, heeling, paw giving pooch who can also swim and chase sticks and balls. They’ve earned your trust, now you’ll earn theirs and they’ll be the most loyal, receptive, fun loving pet you can ask for.

You’ll certainly feel like a celebrity!

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Dogs are not just pets, they can also help you around the house. Make your life as easy as possible.

Get him or her to collect your shoes or slippers or the newspaper and the mail.

Watch they don’t snarl at the postman though! Your dog can be super protective of your house!

If you’re struggling to fit a daily dose of exercise in your life then your dog can again help.

By taking them for a long walk in the fresh air, you will both feel extremely satisfied and definitely earn that cuddle on the comfy sofa later.

And your dog always gives an amazing cuddle!

They also make us as happy as we make them. It has been discovered that dog owners tend to be a lot happier than the rest of us with an increased level of self esteem and bravery.

So how else can I persuade you to join forces with the perfect pet?

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Children love animals especially dogs. They just want to stroke them and kiss them all the time and dogs are so protective of them in turn showing a fantastic parent like attitude.

Growing up with a dog for a child is like growing up with another brother and sister.

It’s especially heartbreaking for them when the inevitable happens after a few amazing years and the dog unfortunately passes away.

But while they’re on this earth, let’s make the most out of it.

dog the perfect petimage source

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason.

You suddenly become the new cool kid at school, the popular guy at work and the most talked about person in the pub.

Everyone will love your new pet as will the rest of the family.

You won’t want to leave him when you go out and he won’t want you to not play with and cuddle him.

It’s a mutual love. A love that lasts long beyond its years.



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