5 Tips on How to Go Camping With Your Dog

One of the most joyous experiences for a dog is to go camping. The next time you sleep under the canvas, take your dog along to share the vacation. They will love you for it

Things To Take

Make sure you pack the following to ensure your trip is fun and stress-free:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Collar, leash, and a spare
  • Your dog’s bedding
  • Dog food and a can opener
  • Rope for tethering
  • Poop bags
  • Balls for chasing
  • Towels and water for cleaning muddy paws
  • Any medication your dog is taking
  • First aid kit

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Before You Go

Before you pack up the car and set off, there are a few things to check. If you’re staying at a campsite, check that dogs are allowed. Not all campsites allow dogs. If they do, make sure you are aware of the rules.

It’s also a good idea to check local amenities. Are beaches dog-friendly and do they have restrictions? Always keep to the rules to avoid an abrupt end to the vacation.

Is your dog well-trained? Do they get along with other dogs and humans? If not, you may need to rethink. It’s likely there will be other dogs at the campsite.

Make sure his or her vaccinations are up to date. This will help prevent the transfer of any diseases. Check with your vet if you are unsure.

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Ensure your dog has adequate medical insurance. This is just a precaution but will set your mind at ease. Always opt for a reputable insurance company that specializes in pets, like Stoneways. Take your vet’s details with you, in case you need to phone and check any details.

Make sure your dog is micro-chipped and that your address details are up to date.

Sleeping Arrangements

Before you leave, it’s worth considering where your dog will sleep. Will they sleep in the tent with you? Do you have a tent with an adequate porch area? If your tent is small, you might want to invest in a dog tent. Make sure your dog has adequate blankets in case it is chilly at night.

Take plenty of towels with you. After your furry friend has been running around in the mud and dirt, they will need to be cleaned.


All dogs bark. But does yours bark excessively? If so, they may not make the best camping companion. They’re going to annoy other campers.


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During your trip, your dog is likely to experience new people and animals. How obedient are they? Will they obey your orders? If not, they may need to be kept on a leash at certain times. For their safety and the safety of others, dogs should be well-trained and obedient before roaming around in public.

There are lots of vacation ideas that your dog will love, but camping is one of the best.

Unless you feel your dog would be ill-prepared for a camping trip, the above should not discourage you. It’s likely that you and your dog will have a wonderful time camping. It just takes a little more planning to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable.

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