5 Tips on How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Live Longer

How to keep your dog healthy and live longer How to keep a dog healthy and fit

Tips Keep Dog Healthy and Live Longer

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How to keep your dog healthy and happy

They may be our best friends, but there are times we have to do things to them for their own good that neither of us likes!

Worming, jabs, flea treatments, and administering medicines are all unpleasant for the dog. But they’re horrible for us to have to deal with too.

Nobody likes having to hold down their furry friend to pop a pill down their throat.

And those big puppy dog eyes staring at us asking “why would you do that to me” can be just too much to bear!

No wonder it’s so easy to forget their seasonal treatments.

5 Tips To Keep On Top Of Your Dog’s Health Needs

So how can you keep on top of the things you’re supposed to be on top of?

It’s not easy when it’s a job you hate. And just getting your canine companion into the car for the ride to the vet is tough enough.

Then, of course, is the huge bill you have to pay at the end of it.

What you need is a better way to manage the vaccinations and treatments, and some options to take care of them at home.

5 Signs of a Healthy Dog with These Healthy Dog Tips

Previous Training

Start with your puppy training. Do you remember how you rewarded good behavior?

It’s worth adopting some of these techniques when it’s time to do medicines like worm or flea treatments.

Of course, some of the home treatments are very much like treats just like Heartgard for worms.

Combining them can get them all out of the way at the same time.

The benefit of doing them at the same time each month is you only have to remember once.

Record Keeping

Do you have a spreadsheet app on your phone or computer?

Something like Google Sheets can help you keep track of your treatments.

You can even set up reminders in your calendar program with alerts.

Keeping records of medicines you administer at home could be essential should your pet become ill.

It can help reduce the risk of overdose or missing an important booster.


You can also practice with your dog.

If they’re nervous in the car on the way to the veterinarian, then practice going out there a little more often.

As for the treatments?

Many flea treatments go on the back of the scruff. A little dab of water would be quite similar in sensation.

Consider visiting your veterinary practice between appointments. The more you go, the more comfortable your pet will be.

Home Checks

You can check for any signs of ill health at home yourself. Make a note of any changes to toileting habits.

Check the ears are clean, and the eyes are shiny.

Your dog’s temperament might be the biggest giveaway. Make it a habit to do these checks every Saturday morning or Tuesday evening, so it’s routine.

Exercise Together

Full-time workers often struggle to keep themselves and their pets active.

Why not schedule a ten-minute brisk walk both before and after work?

It might become a jog or a run over time! Longer walks should still take place each day, but that little bit extra can do you both the world of good and reduce the risk of illness.

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