5 Secrets To Keep Your Pup Healthy On Long Walks

5 Secrets To Keeping Your Puppy Healthy On Long Walks

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Some dogs are big fans of the long walk, and if you’re a walker yourself, you’re a match made in heaven.

As with any walking, however, you have to be mindful of their comfort and abilities – after all, it’s tricky for them to tell you that they’re tired or their feet hurt.

Here are a few essential things to remember when you take your pup out on long walks to ensure they’re healthy, happy, and safe.

Take the Right Lead

Different walks require different leads, so it’s good to have a variety available.

For long walks you might be happy to walk them off lead, so you might just need your usual lead.

However, codes of conduct in the countryside vary, so you may be required to walk your dog on a short lead if you have to traverse any land which contains livestock.

Make sure they have a collar and tag containing up to date information if you’re planning on walking them off lead – it’s not unheard of for dogs to get over-excited by their new-found freedom.

Don’t Overstretch Them

Certain breeds can walk all day and all night quite happily, while others will start to tire and become quite stubborn after a while.

Don’t wake up one morning and decide to take them on a five-mile walk if this is something that has never been done before – they’ll need building up to it.

If you’d like to build your dog up to longer walks, start taking a pedometer out to monitor distance covered before they start slowing down, so you know what to expect and when to push them.

Protect Them from Marauding Insects

When you’re out and about, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and other bugs will target your pup.

A good dog’s insect repellent will act as great bug and tick prevention for dogs when you’re out on a walk, so it’s a worthy investment if you’re planning long, countryside walks.

Avoiding particularly bad times of day will also help, so be sure to walk before dusk to avoid the worst of the swarming mosquitoes.

Remember Water and Treats

When you’re walking long distances, treat it like you’re going for a long car ride or a camping holiday.

They’re going to want treats, comfort, and, most importantly, water.

Exercise, especially in warmer climates, can be really draining for your pup.

Their inability to sweat means that they can be prone to overheating, so cool water can be essential for keeping them comfortable.

And a few treats to serve as bribery never go amiss.

Give Them Regular Breaks

Their legs will get tired, and they’ll start to flag after a while, so regular breaks so they can take the weight off their feet and enjoy the fresh air can help to extend the length of the walk and keep them comfy.

It also gives you a chance to check their feet for thorns or any abrasions if they’ve started to slow down.

Younger pups shouldn’t be walking long distances as it could impede their growth or damage their developing legs.

Some breeds of dog love long walks, but it’s important to build up to them and be prepared.

Just remember to take it easy and pack the treats and the pooper-scooper, and you’ll have a great time.

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