5 Reasons Why Dogs Really Are Man’s Best Friend

Why Are Dogs Man’s Best Friend?

Before we begin, it is worth noting that the phrase ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’ is a bit of a misnomer.

The phrase originated with Frederick the Great sometime in the 1700’s and was only meant to describe his relationship to one of his Italian Greyhounds.

Dogs are a perfect companion for anybody, so, as we consider the reasons why dogs are a ‘man’s best friend,’ don’t worry if you aren’t of the male persuasion!

With that disclaimer over (phew), here is why a dog could be your best friend!

dogs are man's best friends

Dogs forge a connection with you

Treat your dog the right way, and he will become your friend for life.

He will pine for you when you are away from home and will jump for joy when he sees you returning up the drive.

Your dog will love you unconditionally, and you will never shake off that connection.

Dogs watch your back

A true friend will always watch your back, and your dog is no exception. Dogs act as fantastic watch dogs and will stand guard over your home when you’re in bed or at work. They may bark at the postman and your visiting relatives, but that’s only because your dog is inherently suspicious of strangers. They are defending their territory, so when anybody unknown approaches, they are protecting their habitat as well as anybody they perceive as a threat to your safety.

Dogs can benefit your health

No matter how stressed we are feeling, a dog will always lift our mood. When we play with them, or take them for a walk, we are instantly doing something that will lift our mood level, while also giving us our daily quota of exercise.

Dogs can also be trained to look after their owners, such as guide dogs for people with sight difficulties, or emotional support dogs for those who suffer from depression. For the latter, click here if you would like to find out more. Not only that, but dogs can also sniff out diseases such as cancer, and can be trained to benefit diabetes sufferers, so they really could save your life!

Dogs can help with the housework

Okay, they don’t actually help with your household chores, that would be ridiculous (though very helpful). Rather, they can lap up any drink spills on the floor, and when you have finished your dinner, they can also lick your plate clean!

You should probably wash it again though!

Dogs are always there for you

Your friends may leave you hanging, but your dog never will.

Rain and shine, your dog will always be at your side, and no matter how you are feeling, they will mimic your emotions.

Feeling happy? They will bounce for joy with you. Feeling sad? They will rest their heads on your lap and give you comfort.

Bottom line

Your dog can be the most loyal friend you will ever have. Make sure you return the favor, and be a good friend to your faithful companion.


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