5 Foods and Supplements To Improve Your Dog’s Nutrition

Foods for Your Dog's Nutritionimage source

A good quality dog food should contain everything your dog needs to thrive.

But you can go a step further and add ingredients to their diet that are excellent for their health.

You could feed these as they are as a treat or training aid, or mix them up and make your own healthy dog treats.

Here are a few of the ingredients and supplements you could add to your dog’s diet.


The great thing about raw carrots is that dogs enjoy chomping on them, and many will chew them the same way they would a bone.

This is enjoyable for them, keeps them busy and is fantastic for their health too.

Crunching healthy snacks like this is good for dog’s teeth, plus they’re high in fiber and have a range of vitamins which are all extremely beneficial.

Fish Oils

Fish oil capsules are useful in preventing arthritis in dogs, and also have the benefit of improving their skin and coat.

There’s promising evidence to show that probiotics are also good for dog’s and can improve their digestive health.

There are other safe, herbal supplements you can give to dogs to help with specific illnesses; yunnan baiyao powder for example, can help with arthritis pain and also internal bleeding caused by conditions such as cancer.

Foods for Your Dog's Nutritionimage source


Choose natural yogurt which is completely plain- without any additives or sweeteners.

If you go for a brand which contains live bacteria, it can improve their digestion further.

Yogurt is good for dogs as it provides a source of calcium and protein, simply mix in a big spoonful with their regular dog biscuits.


Dogs love scrambled eggs.

They make a fantastic treat breakfast which is really good for their health since they are high in protein and amino acids.

Because eggs are quite high in fat it’s best to feed in moderation rather than making it a daily thing.

But the occasional scrambled egg breakfast is a delicious treat that any dog will enjoy!

Never feed raw or partially cooked eggs to dogs since salmonella can make them ill just like it can with humans.


Dogs are sensitive to grains, and things like wheat can cause everything from digestive issues to yeast imbalances.

However, oats are absolutely fine and make a great healthy alternative.

They’re often found in high quality dog food, but your pooch can enjoy additional oats as a treat too.

If you like creating healthy treats for your dog, then oats are a good staple since they will provide the ‘bulk, ’ and you can then add any of the other ingredients above too.

Adding some grated carrot for moisture, a spoonful of yogurt and a couple of eggs will give you a nice ‘batter’ which you can cook in muffin tins in the oven.

Once they come out they’re the perfect home baked treats.

They’re full of vitamins and minerals and an excellent source of fiber too.

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