5 Dog Safety Tips

Keeping Your Dog Safe in an Unsafe World

Man’s best friend – dogs, bring so much happiness into our lives.

They are have bags full of energy and almost always seem happy.

Now, the nature of curiosity seems to always be pinned on pesky cats (curiosity killed the cat and all that) but dogs are curious beasts as well and will always poke their nose into things they shouldn’t be.

In some cases, it can be playful – but in others, this can cause home.

What’s more, dogs don’t seem to have a nose filter and seem to be attracted to dangerous things  – chocolate namely.

They can eat themselves into a problem.

Dogs – in that sense, are like curious little babies, but they don’t have the same level of consciousness as human beings which can lead them into issues, as they just don’t have the same intelligence that we do.

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About The Dog’s Home

To keep your hound safe, you’ve got to be on the ball. Firstly, let’s talk about the home.

There are a lot of dangers that a dog can face in the home.

Make sure any broken glass or ceramics that are dropped onto the floor of the home are swept up well – microscopic fragments can remain and injure the soft paws of dogs – as well as our own feet.

Some dogs might lick up sharp fragments as well, which can be awful – make sure every breakage is cleaned up well.

About The Dog’s Food

Food is also a huge danger in the home, especially as our dogs hanker for food at almost every opportunity.

Keep chocolate and other cocoa products well away from dogs as indulgence in chocolate goodies can be fatal.

Other things can be dangerous, especially bony foods that dogs can choke on – ensure your dog only chews on thick, beefy bones.

Smaller bones – fish and poultry bones especially can cut a dog’s mouth or become stuck in their throat.

Other foods can harm canines as well – including avocado – for a full list, see this list.

About The Dog’s Smelling Abilities

Dogs can also be harmed by odors and toxins emitting from cleaning products.

Dogs also need to eat well – rich, fatty foods can harm dogs over the course of time and ensure that they contract illnesses and ailments.

About Your Dog’s Tags: His Identity

A key facet of keeping your dog safe is ensuring it can be identified.

Tags and collars, as well as implants from the vets,  ensure that your dog can be kept safe if it wanders off.

Dogs that have no clear owner are more likely to come into harm.

There are all sorts of different collars, and you can see more information at dogcollarguide.com.

From flea collars that protect dogs from fleas, to training collars – there are a lot on offer that you can buy to help your dogs safety.

About Other Dogs

Dogs can be fairly social, but if you are out and about, keep them on a tight leash.

Other dogs can be dangerous, as can people! You can never be certain as to how a dog will react.

Keeping your dog safe isn’t hard work – you just need to be sensible, but they do need your care and attention!

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