5 Best Factors To Feeding Your Puppy Right

Don’t Make Feeding Your Pup a Dog’s Dinner

We know that what fuel we put into our bodies is important for our health and happiness.

The same is true of what we feed our pets.

For example you might be asking yourself, “what to feed puppies at 3 weeks?”

Types of Dog Food

So if you are just cracking open any old can of dog meat to feed your canine friend, maybe you should reconsider?

Are you doing the necessary research to find the best possible dog food for your puppy or dog?

Are you asking questions when you go to the veterinarian?

Are you asking questions when you go to your nearest pet store what the best dog foods you can give you little gem?

When you go to your local dog trainer, and you should be, what do they recommend?

It might be that your dog’s dinner needs a bit more attention to ensure it is keeping the as fit and healthy as possible.


If you are considering making a change in what you feed your dog, then the first thing you need to consider is his size.

Obviously, large dogs need a different quantity of food that smaller ones.

But they also may require a different up to food as well.

In fact, as there is such a variation in need across the different breeds, the best is to get food that is known to be suitable for your type of dog.

For example, certain food brands are recommended for Germans Shepherds over others.

You can read more about this here.

This will ensure they are getting right calorie load and nutrients particular to that breed of the pooch.


Of course, breed is not the only thing that is important when deciding on what to feed your pup, age also plays a factor.

There are foods out there for the beginning stages of your dog’s life, which are high in calories, as they burn off so many growing and running around.

These puppy food are also adapted for size and consistency, so they are easily chewed and digested by younger dogs.

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Activity Levels

A real problem with many of our canine companions can be weight.

Unfortunately, with a modern day working hours, not many dogs get to be active day today.

Unless they are of the working kind like huskies pulling a sledge or sheep dogs.

This can lead to an issue with weight.

Which can be compounded by feeding them scraps from the table and other human food as treats.

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So what can you do about this?

Well, there are certain foods on the market specially designed to help rover lose weight. Of course, you can always do what us human have to, and eat less and move more.

In fact, by taking your pup out for longer walks you might find you clothes get a little looser too.

Then it’s a double win!

Also, remember that treating with human food is often a bad idea.

As some foods such a chocolate and onion are dangerous for them to ingest, so it’s best to stay away from these sorts of things entirely.


Another important fact in deciding on what to feed your pooch is convenience.

Some people are more than happy to cook their own dogs meals and include vegetables, meat, and a little pasta.

But other people don’t have the time to dedicate to that, and so buy ready prepared foods in either dry or wet form.

It is a noble gesture to cook fresh for your dogs every day. But you do have to examine the practicality and cost of doing this in the long term before you decide that is the option you will pursue.







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