5 Best And Worst Things About Being A Dog ‘Mom’

They can make you smile when you’re having an awful day, and they can drive you mad.

But whichever they are doing at the moment it is certain being that a doggie owner or ‘mom’ is never boring.

If you are already mom to a gorgeous canine, you will know just what I mean.

But if not, prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride that will change your life forever and for better!

5 Best and Worst Things About Being a Dog Momimage source

Best things – They can sense emotions

OK, so most dog owners will back this up.

When you are feeling sad or low, or you’ve just had one of those really bad days, how is is that your dog can just tell?

The kids may be running around oblivious, and hubby might take a while to realize that you are feeling a bit off. But there are no files on Fido, and he realizes straight away.

The best thing about this is that it is usually followed by a cuddle from your canine friend, which always help to you to feel that bit better.

Worst thing – You have to pick up poop

But owning a dog is not all a walk in the park. Well actually there are some walks in the park, but that is when you have to do the dreaded pooper scooping!


However much you love your doggy friend, picking up their warm poop in a flimsy plastic bag never really becomes OK.

Of course, you want to be a responsible owner and that it why you do it.

You don’t want someone else to have to deal with your dog’s mess.

But deep down, if you’re really truthful, it’s still kind of icky!

Best thing – They are loyal and always there

5 best and worst things about being a dog momimage source

One of the most amazing things about having a dog in your life is how loyal that they are.

Once they have established a bond with you as the leader of their pack, they are not going to budge.

That pretty much means that they are going to follow your lead and try and protect you as much as possible.

Many dog owners notice this instinct in their pets when a new baby is brought into the family.

They immediately recognize at part of the group and stand guard over the little one to keep them safe.

Worst thing – Dealing when they pass

But it is the nature of owning a dog that they will not be with us forever.

A usual lifespan for a canine is anything from 8 -13 years depending on the breed.

This means that there is a huge likelihood that as well as welcoming them into our lives, we will have to say goodbye at some point too.

This is never easy, as a good dog is as much a part of the family as it is a pet. But there are somethings that can help at this difficult time.

For one having a goodbye ceremony, where you remember all the fun in their lives that they had can help.

It is also a good idea to gets nice urn like the ones from Modern Memorials to store their ashes, so they will never be forgotten.

Best things – They are so smart

Lastly, dog gets a bit of a bad wrap for being dumb, but they are actually super smart.

You can teach them to do all sorts of amazing things. Just like our dog Tara, who is learning to do search and rescue.



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