4 Ways to Create a Healthy Environment for Your Dog

Best Ways To Create a Safe, Healthy & Green Environment For Your Dog

Being a dog owner can be very rewarding and fun.

Dog’s aren’t called ‘man’s best friend’ for no reason, right?

So it makes sense that we’ll want to create a safe and healthy environment for them to live in.

Providing them with a healthy and green home is one of the best things that we can do for them.

The thing is, there are many products that we use every day that can actually be harmful to our dogs, but we don’t actually realize.

So here are some simple ways to make the environment that your dog lives in much healthier for them. Are there any things that you hadn’t thought of before?

4 Ways to Create a Healthy Environment for Your Dog


Make Their Outside Time More Green

All dogs love to be outside and have some space to run around, play and roam.

If you have an outside space for them to use, then you need to make sure that the things you use in that outside space are going to be conducive to living a healthy life, for you and your dog.

Many lawn fertilizers that are on the market at the moment can be incredibly toxic to dogs.

So one of the best things to do can be to use organic fertilizers.

That way, you know that the green space is only going to have natural products on it.

You can even make some yourself.

If you have to go down more of the chemical route, then make sure that the area is marked and covered so that your dog has no access to it.

One side of things that you might not have thought about it is when you take your dog for walks in open space that you don’t have as much control over.

Public spaces can be toxic for them too, especially if they come across other dog’s waste that hasn’t been scooped up.

So you could look into the pet waste disposal in your area and see if it is something that could be improved. It will be better for you and your dog if you do so.

Keep Your Home Chemical-Free

Some of us will have dog houses or kennels for our dogs to use occasionally.

But the majority of dog owners like to have their dog in the house.

However, just like our outside space, our homes can be full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to dogs (and us) too.

Where you can, look for organic and toxic-free cleaning products.

Then when your dog is walking around the house on floors that you’ve cleaned, they won’t be getting their paws full of chemicals.

If you do have some chemical products, like laundry detergent, for example, then make sure that you keep them locked away and out of reach like you would with young children.

You’d hate for your dog to get their hands on them.

Clean Your Dog With Natural Products

As much as we love our pups, no one likes it when they get stinky.

So whether they like it or not, they will need to get cleaned from time to time.

But you might be surprised to read that a lot of dog specific grooming products are actually not good for them.

They can be too chemical filled which can lead to other problems with your dog and their skin and fur.

So look for products that contain more natural things like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

You can even make your own products for them to use, using things that you might have around the house.

Take apple cider vinegar, for instance, along with some natural dish soap.

They can make some great flea repellent, as well as dog shampoo.

Rethink the Food Your Dog Has

As with us, the food that we have has a big impact on how we feel.

When we’re malnourished, we lack energy, as well as having weak hair and nails.

The same goes for the food that we give our pets.

Make sure that you give them whole and unprocessed food where you can.

It might take a few tries to find the best dog food for your dog, even if you plan on making it yourself.

All dogs are different, so you need to choose what is best for them.

Making your own dog biscuits is a good way to avoid processed foods, as well as being careful about the things that they reach off your plate.

Don’t leave your food just laying around, especially if it isn’t going to be conducive to their diet.




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