4 Things You Can Do When You Can’t Be At Home With Your Dog

Time was that those of us with jobs that take us out of the house for long periods of time every day had to sacrifice having pets.

As we just couldn’t give them the care and attention that the needed to be happy.

However, now the occasional long day at the office doesn’t have to interfere with their lives too much.

This is because there are now ways around the problem. Read on to find out what they are.

Dog Sitters

One of the best services that are available to help you out, if you are stuck in work when you fur baby is at home is that of a dog sitter.

These are people that you pay to come to your home when you are not there and spend time with your canine friend.

Having a dog sitter ensures that Fido doesn’t get up to too much mischief while you are away because he is bored or under stimulated.

It can also help a great deal if your pup has any special dietary requirements because they will be supervised as they eat.

Although it is wise to remember that it does rely on the trust, you have in that person to be in your home, alone and unsupervised.

Dog Walkers
Unlike sitters, dog walkers are just employed for the time it takes to take your dog out for a stroll.

It’s a great idea to employ a dog walker when you know you are going to be away from the house all day.

This is because you know that Fido will get some time outside in the fresh air, and also an opportunity to do his business.

This can be vital in preventing unwanted toilet accidents in the home, especially if your pup has no access to outdoor areas if you are not there.

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However, if you don’t want to pay for this service, you can use a dog borrowing site instead.

These sites match up doggie owners with those that haven’t got a pooch at the moment.

Then if they like the look of your dog, they will agree to take them out for walks for free.

It benefits all parties, as you get someone to walk your dog when you are busy.

They get to walk a dog, which is something they enjoying doing, and you your pup get some much-needed walkies time.

Smart Pet Feeders

However, if you can’t get anyone to watch you fur babies when you have a long day ahead what can you do then?

Well, you can get a smart feeder.

Then you will be able to feed your pups at their regular times at the touch of a button.

Some even include camera devices with microphones.

So they can hear your voice, and you can see that they are doing ok.

For more ideas and inspiration on smart pet feeders, click the link.

Interactive Toys

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If there is no one you can get to come and check on your dogs all day, then it’s also a very good idea to get them some interactive toys to stave off boredom.

Thing like a Wobble Wag or puzzle ball can work really well for this purpose.




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