4 Things That Will Harm Your Puppy

Dog Care 101: 4 Things That Will Harm Your Puppy

The amazing thing about dogs is that they can quickly become part of your family. You get them when they’re a puppy, and they grow with you, it’s amazing to witness.

As a result, we start to care for our dogs in the same manner as we care for any other member of our family. Their health and safety become a top priority, and we do whatever we can to ensure they’re always okay.

With that being said, this post is all about dog care, and the things that can cause harm to your four-legged friend. It’s crucial that you learn about these things so you can avoid them and prevent your dog from being harmed in any way shape or form.

Take a look at the list below to find all the information you need:

4 Things That Will Harm Your Puppy(Photo source: http://bit.ly/2qXgJpe)


A tick is a little creature that can bring a lot of harm to your dog.

They tend to live in grassy areas and can attach themselves to your dog when it brushes up against the place these ticks are living.

When this happens, the ticks bite your dog and start sucking its blood. Think of them as mosquitoes, only they don’t fly, and look a bit like spiders.

The problem with ticks is that they don’t just bite your dog and cause discomfort.

A tick bite can transmit a disease to your pup, and infect it.

Ticks are known to transmit a lot of bacterial infections into dogs, which can change your pup’s behavior and make it very ill.

This is bad enough if your dog is in its prime years, but can be a serious worry if they’re old and already prone to diseases.

So, you need to be aware of ticks and do all you can to prevent them from harming your dog. Check to see if they’re on your dog after every walk by brushing their coat.

You can even buy repellent to spray on your dog that keeps ticks at bay. One of the easiest ways to get rid of ticks is to regularly groom your dog.

If this means you have to find a groomer as you don’t have time, then so be it.

A regular grooming keeps your dog’s coat in the best condition possible and removes any ticks from it.


To us humans, chocolate is a source of joy.

We love how it tastes, almost no one will pass up a piece of chocolate when offered.

However, while this delicious treat may be joyous for us, it’s certainly not a happy treat for dogs.

In fact, chocolate is known to be very harmful to dogs.

It’s right up there as one of the most dangerous foods you can give your dog.

The reason for this stems all the way back to the production process of chocolate.

You see, chocolate is made from the cacao plant, which contains something called theobromine.

To a human, this stimulant isn’t harmful at all.

But, to a dog, it’s very dangerous.

It can attack their insides and causes issues to many different parts of your dog’s digestive and central nervous systems.

This can lead to your dog being physically sick, and have diarrhea too.

Not only is this very bad for the health of your pup, but it will also be disgusting for you to witness, and horrible to clean up.

As well as this, dogs can also get seizures from eating chocolate, which can potentially be lethal.

Never, under any circumstances, should you give your dog any chocolate.

Keep all chocolate hidden away and out of reach of your dog.

This is especially important around Christmas or Easter where you’re likely to have a lot of chocolate boxes lying around.

Keep them up and out of the way, so your dog doesn’t try and sneak one.

Make sure your kids know this too, so they don’t accidentally feed them chocolate as well.

4 Things That Will Harm Your Puppy(Picture from: http://bit.ly/2jAgME2)


Now, you may be inclined to feed your dog milk as you think it’s good for them.

We’ve always been told that milk contains calcium which helps keep our bones nice and healthy.

Likewise, if you own a cat, then you always feed them milk.

Dogs are different, and milk can be harmful to them. Their digestive system isn’t made up in the same way as ours is. They don’t have the capability to digest the lactose that’s present in milk. Consequently, they end up with stomach problems which can lead to things getting a bit messy.

Much like chocolate, ensure you never feed milk to your dog.

If you have a cat, then you may need to stop feeding it milk or make sure your dog is in another room or out of the house when you give them their milk.

Otherwise, your dog could come in and sip on the milk as well.


Cartoons led us to believe that bones were a great thing for dogs to chew on.

However, they’re far from that and can be lethal.

If a dog chews on a bone, it can damage their teeth but also get stuck in their throat and kill them.

This is particularly true for cooked bones that are so much easier for your dog to break and for little pieces to get stuck inside them.

You may think it’s a good idea to chuck a cooked chicken leg at your dog to eat, or to give it the bones after a meal, but it really isn’t.

To avoid this, simply don’t give your dog a bone.

Bones are too dangerous, and your dog can die if one gets lodged in their throat.

Don’t take the risk, buy them a chew toy instead.

Chew toys will help strengthen your dog’s teeth without being potentially dangerous and having the capacity to break into smaller pieces that can be swallowed and choked on.

All of these things share one thing in common; they will harm your dog.

Make sure you’re aware of everything to ensure you don’t cause your dog any harm.

Consequently, you’ll keep your dog in good health and can guarantee it stays safe too.


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