4 Reasons Why Dogs Can Be Your Best Friend

When you bring a puppy, or dog, into your home; it’s more than likely that they’ll quickly become a member of the family, and, an important member at that.

A canine companion can bring you so much happiness by simply being themselves, and with the correct amount of training, and plenty of love (and the odd treat), they’ll become the perfect pet, and you won’t be able to imagine what life would be like without them.

There are proven reasons that dogs make such excellent pets for human beings, and some have been listed for you down below.


A dog’s main instinct is to bond and be part of your “pack.”

If you ensure that your pooch knows that you are the pack leader in the family; they’ll follow your commands and will become the most loyal best friend you’ve ever known.

There are countless tales (and tails) of how dogs have remained loyal to their owners, especially in dangerous situations, and sometimes, heartbreakingly, even after their humans have passed away.

Stories of dogs who have stayed at a graveside where their owner is buried, and the dog who waited at a train station each day for his owner to return, even after his owner had died, all emphasize how loyal a canine can really be.

If a dog is willing to live out the rest of their time waiting for a specific person to return to them; it shows that they do not just follow people around for food and shelter, it runs a lot deeper.

Once a bond is made between human and dog, it will not be broken; this provides a tremendous sense of comfort and security to many people, as they feel loyalty from a dog that perhaps they have yet to experience with another person.

Knowing that someone loves you unconditionally, for everything you are, is a powerful feeling and will help a lot of people through the most difficult of times.

A dog’s loyalty can help their owner through any number of hardships; which makes it an important part of why a dog can be your best, and most trusted, friend.


Dogs are often lively creatures, and they will need a routine of exercise and play.

Once a dog has been introduced to a family, the health benefits to each member can, sometimes, be life-changing.

If you’ve gone from doing no exercise to having two or three brisk walks each day; it will have a massive impact on your fitness, weight, and heart health.

Your canine friend will always be enthusiastic about going outside and walking around the town, park, or countryside.

It’s important for your dog to go out in public for regular exercise, as it helps them socialize, and stimulates their brain with all the sights, sounds, and smells.

If your dog is fulfilled mentally, they will be a happier pooch and won’t be restless when they’re at home.

For some ideas on how to exercise your dog at home, take a look here.

You will feel the benefits of walking your dog in much the same way; as well as physical benefits; you’ll get a substantial dose of mental stimulation, and a break from the stresses of everyday life.

Your daily walks will become your chance to switch off or think about things that you haven’t had the chance to in a busy environment at home or work.

Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and the fact that dogs can provide you with this every day shows what a positive addition they will make to your household.

Even if it’s raining, there’s no excuse not to take your dog out to go to the toilet, so pop your raincoat on and get walking!

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A dog’s resilience and their ability to be rehabilitated is admirable.

No matter how a dog has been treated, or what injuries they have sustained; all they want to do is be part of a pack again, playing catch and keeping their humans happy.

The HSUS have hundreds of rescue and rehabilitation stories that you can check out, and that may inspire you to save a dog, instead of buying from a breeder, in the future.

By loving and caring for a dog that has suffered trauma; people can build their resilience and bring the dog back to full physical health and mental well being.

The success stories of a sensitive, or reactive dog, becoming a happy and essential part of a family again, are key to all the canines who are sat in dog shelters waiting to be adopted.

A dog’s ability to get through the hardest of situations, and come out the other side wagging their tail, only solidifies why the relationship between dog and human is such a robust and significant one.

When their owner shouts at them, instead of resenting them as a human would; a dog will only aim to please.

What better best friend to have than someone who will always forgive you, no matter what you’ve said to them.


Therapy dogs are becoming more and more common, as people are beginning to understand what a vital role they can play in a person’s physical recovery, and maintaining their mental happiness.

Whether it’s in a retirement home, school, or hospital; comforting and relaxing people can be a dog’s specialty, and they’ll do it like no human ever could.

As well as being trained as official therapy aids to people, a dog who is the family pet, will also provide comfort and calmness to a distressed, or sad, owner.

A dog is easy to talk to (and they’re amazing when it comes to keeping secrets), and it’s been scientifically proven that petting your pooch releases happy hormones.

Serotonin and Oxytocin are released after just 15 minutes of stroking the fur on your dog, your stress hormone, Cortisol, will decrease, and your buddy will feel the benefits as well. Here are five amazing stories of devoted dogs: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/09/130929-dogs-devoted-animals-pets-people-culture/.

Your dog will be a loyal companion; they will never judge you, can relax you and make you happy, and will ensure you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Dogs are pretty much the best friend you could ever ask for, so make sure you’re treating them as well as they treat you.




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