4 Key Factors for a Healthy & Happy Dog

The 4 Key Factors That a Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

Dog lovers will know that there’s nothing more sorrowful than an ill pooch.

They lie on the floor, often in the fetal position, barely bothering to move.

When they do wander the house, the tail is dropped between the legs, and you can’t even get them to run with the mention of food.

It’s a sad sight, and the fact is that if your dog looks miserable, it’s probably dealing with a health problem.

This could be anything from a reaction to something they ate or bowel issues. That’s why when you own a dog you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep it happy and healthy.

Careful Of Diet

You have to be very careful about what you feed your dog.

For instance, you might love the idea of treating your pooch to some human food every now and then.

But you have to understand that dogs are different to us and can’t process the same foods we eat the same way.

This is why most dogs can’t have any chocolate, and raw onion might even be life threatening to them.

It’s not just about feeding them either.

You have to make sure that no harmful food drops on the floor while you’re cooking because you can bet your fluffy vacuum will devour it before you even notice it fell.

You might think you’re safe giving your dog pet food, but don’t be so sure.

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and different foods can have certain impacts.

If you see your dog scratching more than usual, you might want to try changing his food. It could have given him itchy skin.

Regular Checkups

Like humans, dogs need regular checkups to ensure that everything is in good order.

If you don’t do this, there’s a jolly good chance that a problem will develop without you noticing it.

When you take your dog to a veterinary hospital, they’ll check for the common signs of a health issue such as weight loss or gain and changes to their coat or teeth.

An owner won’t always notice the signs of a problem, but you can bet a vet will.

Good Company

Black and White Jack Russell Terrier

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You have to understand that like a human a dog can succumb to mental health problems as well as physical ones.

Dogs are highly sociable animals, and if they are left alone for too long, they will grow very miserable indeed.

You might even notice changes to their behavior with lonely dogs becoming more destructive.

That’s why you have to make sure that you are looking after the health of your pet pooch, simply by making sure you give him companionship, walks and play.

Say Farewell To Fleas

There’s really no excuse for a pet to have fleas these days.

The latest medicine eradicates the issue completely basically by ensuring that a dog’s skin is an inhospitable environment for a flea.

You can learn all about the medicine available online and make sure that you never have to worry your dog is itching due to a nasty pest.

Take this advice, and you’ll easily be able to keep your dog happy and healthy.




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