4 Dogs That Aren’t As Intimidating As You Might Think

What Breed Is For You?

Even as dog owners and lovers, some of the time we don’t think it’s a great idea to go for certain breeds.

We stick to our old favorites, which are generally the ones that are more traditionally beautiful, like spaniels, golden retrievers, Labradors and poodles, along with smaller dogs like Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas and small terriers.

We often think wrongly that larger dogs and dogs with poor reputations tend to be more vicious and hard to take care of – but that definitely isn’t the case.

Read on to find out about four breeds that would be a lot easier to love than you might think…


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Bulldogs were initially designed and trained way back in the Middle Ages to catch bulls for slaughter.

Thanks to their powerful jaws – and this reputation has dogged them ever since, despite the fact that now they are (obviously!) not used for those purposes at all and are much better suited as family pets.

They’re playful and loyal, and extremely patient with children as their temperaments are laid back and relaxed.

They don’t even need too much exercise, which makes them perfect pets for a busy family.

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Rottweilers don’t have great reputations but the truth is that they can make great family pets.

They can be great for security as they’re protective of their families and homes and they have no predisposition towards aggression, no matter what people might believe.

Rottweilers that have been socialized and trained well are intelligent and calm and eager to please.

It probably isn’t a great idea to have them around small children because of their size and power – but it’s important to remember that small children shouldn’t be left alone with any dog no matter what breed they are!

Stafford-shire Bull Terriers

Four Dogs That Aren't As Intimidating As You Might Thinkimage source

Created to be fast fighting dogs, these days Stafford-shire bull terriers are nothing of the sort – in fact, they’re known as ‘nanny dogs’ because of their extreme patience and care around children.

They love being around their families and are extremely affectionate and playful.

They’re also quiet, relaxed, intelligent, and easy to train, because of their fondness for people and their love of pleasing their owners.

They’re loyal and enthusiastic, but might not be for the sort of dog owner who doesn’t want their dog curling up on their lap at night!

Mixed Breeds

Four Dogs That Aren't As Intimidating As You Might ThinkImage source

A lot of people steer away from mixed breed dogs when they’re considering which pets to adopt, but this is a great shame.

People are deterred from them because they don’t know their lineage and because they aren’t sure what size exactly they’ll grow to.

Admittedly, if you only have a small space, the latter point is an important one.

But it’s also absolutely crucial to remember that mixed breed dogs tend to live for longer than purebred dogs, and they also tend to have fewer health problems that have been caused by inbreeding over the years.

For a healthier pet who’ll be with you for longer, a mixed breed dog is a great choice – and there are plenty of them at rescue centers!





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