3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active & Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy is a job that was thrust upon you when you accepted them into your home as a pet.

Truthfully, really, this isn’t even a job.

Really, it is something you should want to do. Keeping your dog healthy should be one of your own personal top priorities in life.

But keeping them healthy isn’t just about watching their diet or tending to their fur.

It isn’t just about keeping them safe at night and ensuring they are pest free. No, it’s about keeping them active.

And it’s about keeping them active at all times. Read on to find out the ways in which you can do so.

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Take them outside

As with any living creature, getting outdoors really is the best way to stay active.

So, get your dog out there!

Get them out for regular walks.

Take them to the park to play fetch. Get them in your garden this summer and play sports or water fights with them.

The latter, getting them out in your garden, is the best thing you can do as your garden is the safest place your dogs can be.

To really allow your dog to get the most out of your garden, however, you need to find a way to get past any hang ups you may have about letting them play out there.

If this hang up is the problem your dog causes to your grass when it plays upon it, then why not have special fake grass carpet for dogs fitted?

That way you’d be able to truly allow your dog off the leash (literally) without having to constantly stop them from playing the way they want to.

When they are stopped in this way their activity is stunted, and you don’t want that, do you?

Play with them indoors

But you don’t just have to get you dog outdoors in order to keep them active.

No, you can keep them active indoors too.

There are number of  games you can play indoors with your dog that will both stimulate their activity and ensure your home is kept safe.

One such game is tug.

By tugging on a rope that your dog has in their mouth you can have your dog walk around in circles for hours if you wanted toad they still wouldn’t get bored.

Just make sure that the area you play this on is hard floored because your dogma be prone to slobber a bit!

Something else you can do with your dog indoors is encourage them to scavenge around for food.

By hiding their food in different places of the house you can really make them work for their food; therefore, they will be actively burning calories.

The best way to have your dog scavenge for food, however, is to hide their food in something that is hard to get into, like a Kong hollow toy.

Dogs are natural hunters and scavengers, so you shouldn’t have any problem in inducing this kind activity from your dog.

You owe it to your dog to keep them active.

Whether that means taking them out, or keeping them in, just make sure they’re burning those calories!

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