3 Ways To Get No Nasty Surprises From Your Dog

How To Be Prepared For Everything Your Dog Can Throw At You

Owning a dog is not without its surprises. Our canine chums can delight us in all kinds of ways – after all, they truly are man’s best friend. But there are some situations your dog can face you with  which weren’t exactly part of your plan.  Here’s some of the most common doggy-related problems you might encounter when owning your first dog, and how to be more prepared for them.

Your dog trashing the house

We’ve all seen those hilarious ‘guilty dog’ videos on YouTube. The owner comes back from work and finds their dog sitting, head down in shame, on a pile of ripped up cushions, or a once-loved pair of shoes. But, although the aftermath can be quite amusing, the reality can be far from it. Dogs often trash their owner’s homes due to severe cases of separation anxiety. Dogs are pack animals, and see you (their owner) as part of their pack. When you leave, your dog may think that they have been abandoned by the pack.

House-trashing is an instinctive reaction to this kind of anxiety, and some dogs have even been known to rip up a carpet in an attempt to ‘dig’ out of the room they’re in. Scary stuff, and very stressful for both pet and owner. But, there are ways you can avoid coming home to the contents of your bin all over the floor. If your dog is a puppy when you get them, house train them as soon as possible so you can start leaving them alone for short periods of time.

Start with ten minutes a day, then twenty, then an hour etc… your dog will gradually start to understand that in fact, you are coming home. House trashing can also be a sign of boredom – dogs are highly intelligent animals which need a lot of stimulation. Ensure you have ample toys available for your pet to play with whilst you are away, and they will focus on these and not your shoes.

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Your dog getting sick

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare – but unfortunately at some point, your dog is likely to get sick. What may or may not ail your dog can often depend on the breed. For example, pugs are prone to respiratory issues, whereas greyhounds tend to suffer with issues of the digestive tract. But there are some common problems that do tend to affect most dogs at some point or another.

Ear infections, worms, skin infections and (worst of all) doggy diarrhea are all common ailments that may affect your dog. Thankfully they are all relatively easy to treat, but in case anything worse happens it may be worth taking out pet insurance.

Using a pet insurance comparison can help you decide what the right choice is for you and your dog.

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Your dog biting a child

Although seemingly uncommon, dog bites happen more often than the average person would think. Each day, around 1000 people in the US and Canada require treatment for a dog bite wound, and between 1982 and 2014 81% of all attacks were on children.

This might appear obvious at first. Some children are not taught how to act around dogs and engage in behavior which may intimidate or scare the animal, causing them to react.

However, it is your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure that your dog is a calm as possible around kids. Introduce them to children at puppy/adolescent age and provide positive reinforcements when they behave well.

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