3 Tips to Adopting a Dog

Have you decided to adopt a dog?

Bringing a puppy or a dog for the first time into your family can be a challenging experience, but this is worth all the troubles in the world.

A dog is always a wonderful addition to the family, as there’s nothing that says that you are loved better than a four-legged friend running to greet you when you’re back at home after work!

Besides, for many families, adopting a dog is also looking for additional safety in everyday life.

But besides getting a pet insurance and the right type of food, what should you be preparing for as a new dog owner?

Don’t worry, the breeder and the vet will be able to share useful advice with you when it comes to all the practical things from feeding to exercising via common health concerns.

But do you know what it takes to build a happy relationship between your dog and you?

Here are some great tips to help you on the way.

girl hugs dogPuppy love

Choosing The Best Companion

There is no breed that is better than another, of course, there are some breeds that are better suited for first-time dog owners, such as the Golden Retriever which is naturally very patient with children and the Brittany which is an uncomplicated and eager to please dog.

But in the end what matters when you choose a dog is to meet them and spend some time with them, whether you pick a puppy or an adult dog.

This is the best way to develop a feeling for the animal and to see if your heart tells you it’s the right four-legged friend.

Additionally, do make sure to spend a few hours with a dog before deciding to adopt them, as it can take up to 3 hours to notice behavioral issues with dogs.

Get The Doggy Gear Ready In Advance

Dogs are friendly and playful animals.

As a result, when you get a dog, it’s important to make them feel from the start wanted and safe in their new environment.

The best way is to pick a few dog toys – you can learn more about the different types of toys over here – and to engage in games with them.

Playing is a fantastic way of bonding with a young dog or with a puppy, but don’t be fooled by senior dogs:

They love a good play too!

Finally, you should buy a dog bed and clear out a space for them in the house, as well as everything you need in their everyday life, from food bowl to a sturdy leash and harness.

Have An Official Doggy Shower

When you first bring your dog back home, it’s important to make the introduction properly!

Get your dog around the house, as this will be a new environment for them.

Take your time and show your puppy or your dog around each room so that they can find their way easily.

Showing them where the food is and where they sleep is, of course, a priority, but don’t spoil the party:

This is their new house, and they deserve to know each room of it, assuming you’ve dog-proofed everything.

Get your dog to meet everyone who lives in the house too.

After all, your family will be your dog’s family too!




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